Paladin Born

We Are Saved!

There are so many things I wish to say on the eve of my joining the ranks of the Paladin. So many options. So many new thoughts and feelings I have had.

There is a reason, I think, why Faeries hide in their forests. It is easier to be child-like than it is to truly grow up. It is easier to play pranks and to just take every option that the world throws your way. It is easier to remain in one place, never progressing, when you have eternity before you than it is to Fairy-up and do something with your life.

It is a good thing I am not a normal Fairy, young as I am, because if I were normal then this world would belong to the Fae and not to mankind, and I’m not sure that it would be a better world for it. I could see us easily giving life to our baser natures and becoming even worse than the men who currently control this world’s destiny.

Even now, I find myself tempted to make use of my spells in a darker, more sinister way. Even now I wonder what it would be like to be hailed as queen.

Enough darkness. I have given myself over to the light, and as a paragon of the light I shall remain true. My vows, even now, lie upon me a heavy burden, a mountain crushing me under their weight though they be light as a feather.

My armor…oh my armor. I have never seen something so beautiful as this armor. It was made for a fairy, and it is light, and easily carried, but it shines like nothing else I have ever seen. While the smith made room for my Torch-belt at my waist, I will have to put away my loophole, as it no longer fits me.

Maybe I will just have to give it back to the Kobolds if we ever run into them again.

I find myself thinking of others more than I ever have in the past. This isn’t a bad thing. My friends, however, might find the difference jarring when I rejoin them. Not least because I have spent the time of my training outside of time.

Ondemeira is truly fatigued, but because of this I have crammed all of the training that I needed, all of the training they dared give me, into mere days and not months as it should normally take. I’ll be joining my friends much sooner than they would have ever believed possible.

I hope that Xer’xses isn’t too crushed when he realizes I no longer have an infatuation with him. Not that I’m currently interested in anyone. My training has left me with no time. No, I realize that my previous…flirtations were the moonings of a girl. I return to CrIsis a woman of substance, and I shall prove my worth, even if I die in the attempt.

This quest we are on was never promised to be safe, but it will be worth it should we, or our successors, prevail.

Written by Hannah on the eve of her departure from Credia

Art by fellow player and artist AZ Rune


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