Plans Are Moving Forward

With a flash of light a “plump” gnome appears in front of the steps of the Pyramid at Sinza. It is dark and he finds his ways up the steps and looks soon upon a set of Ramen. After some words are exchanged the gnome transforms into a Wolfen. One of the Ramen returns with Priestess Cora Glandar. She nods and asks Mollinur what is the word about the Morphean Fellowship endeavors in getting CrIsis- motivated to come north.

“You can inform the true King and Queen of the North that Carl has held up his end of the bargain.”

Cora listened about the news she would relay to King Minischmee and Queen Christine. In exchange for their help Minischmee offered safe haven to the Fellowship in exchange for helping Carl motivate CrIsis to come and help sooner rather than later. To be the aid in this endeavor Mollinur has been made the go between of these groups and his presence has been secreted off the Redbeard’s new roster. Carl angled his resources to help get Osiris’ Unyielding Strength into the leadership of the Tri-Arcanum Guild, and extract an extra favor for his efforts. They are to teleport shortly back to Credia and begin sailing north, Terosh, in their sights.

His vision begins to return as this is seen by Rod Rambler on the morning of the 21st of Gryphon in the 4th Year of King Guy of Timiro.

Picture from the WoW Wiki.

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