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Xerx’ses Attempts to Sweep the Pentathlon



Welcome to the Finals of the Pentathlon here at the Lopanic Games of the Lung. We have a chance here to witness history. For the first time in over 100 years someone has a chance to sweep the pentathlon! If successful it will be the first Golden Sweep since Anion Nerodin did it 933 years ago. Perhaps more surprising is who is on the verge of this historic accomplishment- Xerx’ses the Minotaur!! Yes, for the first, and perhaps only, time, monster races were allowed to participate in the Games! Some of you in the audience of the long-lived races may recall the last to have a chance to record the Golden Pentathlon, Lord Nerodin of Sulestan, 102 years ago. He finished second in the final event, the Stadion race, by a hands breath…. We shall see if Xerx’ses shall suffer a similar fate!

Speaking of the Elves of Sulestan, they tried to block Xerx’ses entry into the event today. They have lodged a formal complaint with the LGC, the Lopanic Games Committee, to have the entire Pentathlon thrown out! They eventually were broken up by the LGC security detachment, headed by an angry Sir Thurgood Andress, a Mistoan knight from Llorn.

For those reading a transcript of this event, I am your announcer, Jaymus Murray.

Going into this event, the standings are only a determination for who will gain the silver and bronze leaves- Xerx’ses is dominating this Pentathlon!

  • Xerx’ses – 32 points
  • Cobert – 19 points
  • Rahl – 18 points
  • Joe – 17 points
  • Blaife – 11 points
  • Arleep – 12 points

The favorite for this event, by far according to those wagering on the event, is the Elf Rahl. In fact, leading up to the Games, many had thought he would only be entering the running events, but when I interviewed him prior to the Events he said he wanted the Lung, so he entered the Pentathlon. However, barring a freakish event, like we had in the Javelin event, (poor Foster- at least he is alive!) Xerx’ses cannot lose. Since there are no weapons in the Stadion, there is little chance of that!

The crowd is raucous here! The noise is deafening, and the loudest cheers by far are for Xerx’ses! The Elven protesters are trying to overcome the cheers- it seems they have adopted Rahl as their champion, but they are being drowned out by the shouts for the Minotaur!

The runners are at their marks, and then— they are off! I could not even hear the starter’s signal! AWW’s are going off, produced by CrIsis member Azariel, and the crowd is in a frenzy! Joe takes a healthy lead early, a good 7 meters in front of Xerx’ses, with Rahl on Xerx’ses heels. Blaife is a distant 4th, 15 meters behind the leader, with Cobert and Arleep off to horrible starts!

Rahl explodes with a burst of speed, and has a sizable lead at the halfway point, of, in my expert deduction, 27 meters in front of second place Xerx’ses! The Elves are going mad with delight across the stadium! Joe faltered quite a bit, and trails the Minotaur by 10 meters! Blaife has fallen far back, trailing Joe by almost 20 meters. This is a 3 humanoid race here- Arleep fell!!! Poor Arleep, this has not been his year.

Entering the next to last leg for these speedsters, and what speed!!! Xerx’ses has summoned all of his formidable strength to take the lead back from Rahl, a mere 3 meters ahead! Looks like a finish for the ages. Joe is now a distant 3rd, over 30 meters behind the Minotaur!

Heading into the final stretch, and Xerx’ses, no Rahl, lead as they approach the ribbon….. Xerx’ses stretches out with his tall frame and cuts the line, horns first!!! He has done it !! A Golden Sweep of the Pentathlon!!

Spoken live, and published by the Lopanic Games Beacon, and sent to all Capitals and major cities in Palladium!

Jaymus Murray


3 Responses to “Play by Play

  • I have not run across a single event in the game with more impact for character growth than this. Still the Lopanic Games were the highlight of the quest for me.

  • More than becoming a demigod? More than losing your tribe? More than becoming weaver leader? Interesting….

  • This had the most impact on him, yes.

    2nd place – Loosing Tribe
    3rd place – Weaver Leader
    4th place – Demigod

    I can explain after next game and it’ll all make sense.

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