Pyramid Problem?

Minischmee and Christine,

I write this to you, as I have no idea in my head who else I would send this to. I have an important question to ask, and it may require a bit of investigation on your part. For this I apologize, but there is none that I trust or CrIsis.

My name is Mack, and I am currently the Land Leader of the Group known as CrIsis, the one
that lost Overkill. The ripples still rock the CrIsis members that knew him, and my heart still aches from the Books of CrIsis and its accounts of his death. My condolences to you and your congregation!

Now, to the heart of the issue: Intel has reached us that one of the Pyramids has “Disappeared,” and we need to know what happened.

Clarifying information: We have a map of Pyramids which the Gods have prepared for us to store the pieces. Among them was a pyramid in Bizantium that we had not yet stored a piece in. It is or was located on the shores of the main Bay of Bizantium. We assume that there was a correlation between the pyramid disappearing and a terrible tremor shaking the Obelisk of Osiris, on the ___ day of ____. Can you please see what happened or is happening to the pyramid that is there? Attached is a sketch done by our own Indaris to help you find what you are looking for.

Please use caution, and send response to Malkin Falimede at the Library of Bletherad. He will forward the information on to us.

Thank you,


And as always, My prayers to Horus.

[Magnus Fieri, Monster Hunter. Year 4 of CrIsis.]

>>Picture Credit: Hector Herrera

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