Red Succubus

Wisdom, I hate you. I really do. You are full of posh and arrogant dicks. You crumble in fear to groups that threaten you. You sit in lavish lives in large towers and libraries while people starve to death in the unwanted areas. Not to mention you put your citizens at risk by allowing mercenaries to run a muck and attack visitors at will. The Solarium attacked us once more as we made our way to one of your local libraries. I know you don’t really care because you hate us too, but you should at least care about the collateral damage. I hope you know I took precautions as to not destroy your precious buildings or harm your people. I can say that the Solarium did not take the same care I did. Alas, we defeated the group and made haste back to your tower until the morn. At dawn we went to the library and waited around while the scholarly searched for some books that we were told to fetch. I hate fetch quests. I am a fighter and defender just like Ursus and we are not men of inaction. The boredom almost became “unbearable” as Ursus asked me how many bookshelves he could knock over by pushing just one of them into another. I was tempted to take him up on that bet, but I knew we would get in trouble. So he ate his lovely ham instead.

Finally the group finished and we transported ourselves back to the Temple of the Sun at New Crest. The group finished up our work there and we made haste to Bletherad. Hang in there Raulf.

When we got to Bletherad it was the Festival of Osiris. Hannah and Ja’Dier left to go pursue the library I believe. I may be wrong because the rest of us got tunnel vision and we left to go spend time with people, real genuine down to palladium people. We left for the docks and the drinks flowed from our lovely western pub. Darts and daggers were thrown, lots were cast, and books were signed. The luckiest bloak of all walked into the bar. Rian Seacress, a local man, came into the with a Book of CrIsis. Before he could get a word out we took it from him and began signing. We brought him to our table and continued the party with him as our guest of honor. It was here that the night got blurry. I remember the red fiery hair of the woman who had taken advantage of me when I was not myself once before. She appears again at the moment of my weakness. A dance she asked, I obliged. How could I turn down a simple dance. Pictures of the room spinning filled my mind. Then I was down in the street looking up at the stars. A rat walks by my face looks to say hello and continues on his way. My eyes were heavy, but something was holding them open. I was on the boat. The fiery hair continued to stalk me in each place until. Darkness.

Fuck you Wisdom from Man.

Image from Pinterest – Simply Ginger.


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