Redbeard Forever

The search for pirates

HoneySuckle arrived at the Krusty Krabb a seedy place full of pirates, sailors and mercenaries. It was the fifth place that they had been to this night. Finding the members of the Redbeard has become a chore but she was not going to let Mary’s words burn her to her grave. Behind her was the other four girls of the Redbeard; Captain Colinda, First Mate Meep and the other two came in; in all three ogress’ a human and a dwarf. Scanning the room she saw half of a tattoo of the universal symbol of Redbeard. Signaling the other girls they began to approach the table. The first dwarf looked up and nudged the second fellow dwarf to turn around. Honey was pleasantly surprised.

“Petta. Haggan. It’s a pleasure to see you again.” Honeysuckle was smiling. These two were arrogant pieces of trash but they were loyal.

“Tinkerbell and the Bitches.” Haggan smiled and toasted the five women before turning his back again and drinking.

Honeysuckle kicked Haggans chair from under him and pinned his face to the table with her forearm and a knife.

“What did you call us?” Honey’s face was now against his.

“Careful Tink, that’s a sharp knife you have.” His sarcasm was just oozing.

She flipped him over so that they were now facing each other ironically Petta just continued to drink occasionally looking at Annie with a confused look. There was something different but he could not quite tell… yet. His eyes suddenly grew as big as ping pong balls when he realized what was now there. (Read Annie’s Log for more information).

“You are going to do a favor for Overkill.” Honey’s words were still soft and low.

“That wanker can piss off!” His voice was now loud so that the other patrons could hear. There was a clear sign that he was drunk and he was not going to cooperate.

“That wanker, as you so candidly called him, was your captain and he is dead!”

“So I’m off the hook.”

“No you will show respect for the dead and allow him to go to his heaven. Sea gods!…”

“Overkill killed my uncle and Petta’s dad.”

“Your uncle and Petta’s dad were both rapists and murderers.”

“So! A lot of us pirates are rapists and murderers?”

“So you little shit he broke the code!” The blond young dwarf still had the nap of his shirt and pulled the blade in closer.

“Oh you mean not doing it to our own.”

“Yea, that one!”

“So he got a little reckless. Overkill shouldn’t have killed him for it.”

“Really? Because as I recall you ‘precious’ uncle killed one of our own; not before raping and passing her around!”

“Why should it matter now? Overkill killed my model, my hero, my FAMILY. I was going to be as hard and impressive as he was.” He was now yelling and his face was red either from being pinned to the table or because he was now very verbose.

“You wanted to rape as well as he did to your own shipmates.”

He smiled. “Well if the opportunity arose…”

Petta was sure that there was going to be a fight that he could get hurt in and began to slide his chair away. From behind him Cutlass flashed a blade letting him know that he was just as involved.

“You want to be a rapist; a pillager! Here and now, ass!

Honey took off her glove and slapped Haggan across the face than ripped her blouse open so that her ivory skin was now showing in the candlelight. Patrons were now watching with anticipation as to what was going to happen next the barkeep got down his double headed axe in the possibility of trouble.

“Here and now rape me!”

One patron stood up and as three ogress’ pointed their weapons in their direction, they sat down. This was a challenge not an invitation and though half joking the human was sure that he would be cut down for intervening.

Haggan was both elated and fearful because here were five of his crewmates all women and his cousin plus some eighty people in a bar. Honeysuckle was a beautiful dwarf but all eyes were on him. Conversation was dead silent and he even looked at his cousin for help but Petta quickly took another gulp of his beer.

“Ok I don’t exactly want to be like my uncle. Besides who cares about what happened in the past. Overkill is dead and…”

Honey grabbed the face of the pirate. His tobacco stained lips were now pressed against her bare breasts. “Inhale deeply sweetheart!”

The aroma of flower oil decorated her breast filled his nostrils. In a low whisper he found his answer. “Jasmine?” His face changed from one of anger to one of remorse. All the hatred and anger washed from his expression. For the first time in a very long time he began to shed tears.

“Found your answer.”She freed her grip. “I’ve worn that oil everyday so I would not forget the crime or my…” A tear of her own began to fall. “Friend.” Honey pulled away, the only thing covering her breasts were her long braids of golden thread. She pushed the tears back with her hands “Now that I’ve got you to stop thinking with little Haggan, give me your coat. It’s cold in here.”

Staring blankly at nothing in particular he handed his coat almost mechanically. His love for his family had blinded him to crimes that had been committed among the crew. Overkill didn’t mind bad things from happening so long as it was never to Redbeard’s crew. The memory of Petta losing his tongue because he would not rat out the culprits and constant fear and anger that Overkill was going to find him and kill him when he went ashore had daily haunted him. The terror and angst he had for what was now a dead man could not be held any longer. Petta could see the change of the room as Honey was now dressed with Haggan’s coat.

“What… what…” Haggan took a deep breath and grabbed the drink from the table as his mouth was dry. “What do you need from me; from us?”
”Get your effects. You are going to Bizantium and we are going to gather all the crew of the Redbeard.”

“Yea, um.. ok.” Haggan and his cousin got up from the table and paid their tabs to a barkeep who was now placing his weapon back on the rack.

As the room began to resume its behavior, Captain Dasilan turned to Honeysuckle. “How did you know that was going to work, girl?”

”The sea gods are with me”, Honeysuckle said in a low tone. Algor told me in a dream that what so ever I did in the name of Overkill, whom he had met and trusted, he, the sea god would make happen. Haggan is a good dwarf but I knew that I couldn’t pussyfoot around the issue and had to almost punch him in the face with the thing that was eating him. His cousin was just angry because Haggan was angry. Tongue or no tongue Petta was going to go along with whatever his cousin asked.

As the now seven members of Redbeard began to exit the establishment Petta who had not spoke in years finally attempted to speak. “Wedbead Fueba?” He flashed his tattoo of the symbol of the very ship that he had served for over six years. Honeysuckle, Captain Colinda, Annie, Cutlass and Meep flashed their own tattoos. “That’s right”, they said in unison, “Redbeard Forever”.

Picture from IIWiki.

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