He stood there letting the soil slip through his gloves back to the earth from where it came. The workers gathered around listening intently to his every word. The Man was as precise and knowledgeable on this subject as his actions in combat. It was almost out of place if one did not know his background. Although at the same time it could be queried as to how he was so artful in killing as he was.

It was only a few days before that we arrived by the minotaur’s power and will. One could tell that the family was lost, confused, and saddened all at the same place. Was this how the wolfen felt when we invaded their lands and sent them packing? The compassion he teaches me is seeping in like water to the ground. Perception has allowed me to see what was right before my eyes all this time. Then the crowds came. They encroached and many of the group lapped it up happily. The minotaur circled his statue in flight. The people put themselves at great risk to be near or touch their heroes, yet the Man did all that he could to flee it. It was spoken that fellatio was offered to a member of the group. At that moment a loud voice of Father Philip rang out over the crowd. Another could be overheard, “I hear Father Philip gives the best BJ’s!” A few around him chuckled quietly. Another knocked the man in the back of the head and said, “Be respectful.”

Father Philip summoned the group to speak with him. Their plight was heard and the Man rented some land. The group headed out, but was met by some demons it made quick work of. They made it to the land which was perfect for the families needs. Such land has never been seen, but if it were owned by royalty. The Man wasted no time setting the place up. He trained the workers in new and efficient ways to far. The minotaur and the man bear aided in building a mushroom growing area. I had never hear of cultivated mushrooms before. I look forward to having a steak with these mushrooms one day. At this point the priest gave his prized weapon to the Man’s child. Everyone was shocked. Even the farm guardian was surprised. Training should take place shortly for the young pup. This was when the others reacted. Stay here they said we need to help our friends. I waited at the farm as they headed off. I could hear the screams of people that demons were attacking and the man bear had fallen in battle. I must watch the pup, for it is my duty.


Picture from ABC News.

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