Renvin is Paradise

You Need to Visit Soon

My Friend

You really need to visit Renvin! After a short period of transition, and a full indoctrination in the ways of the Elves, I have been accepted as a citizen! It is miraculous here! The magic of the Elves is a Wonder of the Past Age of Magic, and we learned about their ways psionicly! You would be a welcome addition here- there are others not just of your race, but of all Northern Races!

I have met his excellency, the lord God Lictalon the Great, who wishes to bring peace back to the Palladium World! He has heard of the famous CrIsis,and feels there is great synergy, or a common goal, in working together. He would like for you to come to any of the Elven cities as his personal guest! He just asks that you communicate to me in advance of your arrival, so that he may prepare a worthy greeting for you and your group. He also tells me to let you know that he knows the location of a Piece of Osiris that has yet to be recovered! He graciously states that he will impart that knowledge to you and your group when you visit him.

I cannot wait to see you again, and show you the Wonders here!


*Note:* This letter written in Elven, on parchment paper, on the 3rd of Corg, in the first year of the return of the Elven Kingdom.


Elven City Image Credit: Philip Straub.


8 Responses to “Renvin is Paradise

  • This is pretty cool, and may require an entire log just for a response.

    • Also, I love the year listed in the log!

  • I hope that CrIsis pays attention to both the date and the fact that he kows where a piece is

    • Well, that’s what he says anyway…

      • Time to ask Malkin about pieces perhaps, after he surfaces from his research on Lictalon

    • The player wants to believe he is good, but so much of the game and life makes me question “how” he is going about his methods. I am still now sure he’s the original one.

    • So as you look at the date, it makes you wonder how She knows where we were in order for it to get to us so quickly…

  • “Come to the Dark Side…We have Milk & Cookies!”

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