Return of Two Grand Tribes

The lost have returned

10th of Grekar in the 72nd year of the great Wolfen Empire.

A small Wolfen Army, with three familiar leaders, marches into the ruins of a once great Wolfen Tribe Capitol; Ironhold. As always they march silently. Once they reach the city center they stop and encircle the remains of the statues that used mark the center square. The three leaders walk into the center. The Witness is the first to speak:

“My Brothers and Sisters, I have obeyed the dying command of our lost Chieftain, with that fulfilled and the bastard swine driven from our lands I am no longer bound to that duty. I go to live a free life, one that I really don’t know how to live, as I have never been free a day in my life till this very day. Commander Weylyn, I return this Great Sword to you as it rightfully belongs with you and your family, if you have any left. It was a good fight and I salute you. Commander of the Lost Ones, It was my honor to have fought, bleed and served with your Clan, as it has been too many years since your tribes wisdom and strength have graced this realm. It was a good fight and I salute you. To all of you out there that have survived; remember…remember those that fell so that the rest of us could see this DAY. Go forth and honor their memory. It was a good fight and I salute you.”

With that he walks off without another word. The crowd parts and lets him go, just as he came. Weylyn watches him go off not stopping him or saying a word. Once he has cleared the crowd and can no longer be seen, he turns to the rest.

“My Brothers and Sisters, there is very little I can say after HE has spoken all that needs to be said. There are two topics that I would like to discuss. Commander of the Lost Ones, as far as I know you do not have any lands, I would ask you to stay here with us, but I know that the healing is not complete, and I do not know if it ever will. So, as the current defacto ruler of Iron Claw I offer you half of all the lands that belong to my Tribe, in an attempt to begin the healing. We have gained much land from the swine to the east and we are more than willing to give you your share. It was a good fight and I salute you. Second, I hereby declare the 10th of Gryphon a Tribal Day of Remembrance. From now and forever, those that have fought shall come and celebrate and remember those that we have lost to the fight for freedom. It was a good fight and I salute you.”

With that he steps down from the ruins of the square markers and joins the crowd to listen to the last leader remaining.

“Children of the Slaughterers, Former Foes, Brothers and Sisters, we have been triumphant and we will remember those that have fought, bleed and died beside us shoulder to shoulder. It was a good fight and I salute you. We shall take the lands and establish a new home for ourselves, but we will not be strangers and we will no longer be lost. In one months’ time we shall send an envoy back her to the once great Ironhold. We will bring whatever extra supplies we have to help this city to regain its former greatness and glory, IF we do not have extra supplies we shall still arrive but instead we will give our time in rebuilding and healing the scars of war and death. We shall establish a new Capitol for the *_Bruu-Ga-Belimar_* Range Huntsman tribe. This Capitol shall be at the far western end of the Bruu-Ga-Belimar mountain range where it meets the great inland sea. The Capitol will be called Rangehold. We shall create a grand picquet between these two great Capitols to secure the Glorious Wolfen Empire against any possible future invasions, by the swine, of our Grand Empire. It was a good fight and I salute you.”

With that He stepped off the ruins and headed due south, the crowd parted and all the other members of the Lost Tribe lined up and followed him. Once they were out of site, the remaining crowd dispersed and made camp, so they could rest up for the long journey of rebuilding the Iron Claw Tribe.

Witness picture drawn by L-MakesArt
Weylyn picture from Imagui
Lost Tribe Commander from open sources and modified by LURCH6571
Wolf paw print from open sources

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