Scrying For A Kingdom’s Fate

Off in the Timiro Kingdom the message of Xerx’ses via magic pigeon has caused King Guy some concern when brought to his attention by Ondemeira. The Lady Torchwood or Ondemeira of Torchwood as she has come to be known among the southern kingdom has been given a rather powerful crystal ball to scry upon CrIsis and their progress. King Guy stands a little impatient awaiting the results of use of the augury via the mystical stone.

I have to be patient having reminded my most trusted adviser that I am putting a lot of faith in a band that holds no allegiance to any country and do not have the greatest track record in the public eye of keeping their word. Especially since their failing to show for the peace talks with the Wolfen Empire, Bishop Nodeki, and the Eastern Territory. Cava and Overkill were no longer among CrIsis and without slaying a dragon to save thousands in the kingdom how can I come out in support of a group with a Minotaur. Nor did I wish for my reign to go the route of Minischmee, now Duke of Sinza. I am just beginning to feel I have a grip on what it would mean to lead the nation. With Ondemeira of Torchwood’s guidance I was able to find an ally among the old royal family in Tarat, the former Prince and son of King Gedro. I have installed him as Duke of the Froud Grassland’s from Ogre Pass to the Old Kingdom River in order to promote growth and gain safer trade routes with the inner sea. His one task was to get the ogres, goblins, and orcs to move peacefully along the river into the Old Kingdom lowlands past the western border of Timiro’s lands. Since he was a staunch supporter of freeing the slaves and spent time among the tribes he was the best and most trusted choice. Any former slaves wishing supplies would be given such to make the journey and hopefully a better understanding between our respective peoples could begin.

The amount of heat from a significant portion of the nobles that lost nearly 80% of their work forces was palpable to say the least. Then, the three of us, with the help of Duke Spatenrok had to fight off a coup when The Terror began razing holdings in the east. I had nearly lost Ondemeira of Torchwood to the beast during negotiations to summon CrIsis to a show down with the beast. Now the whole of my kingdom is living under the threat of a dragon and the only thing that can save my reign, and his people is CrIsis, whom just sent word they are rounding Mishala! They should make it with six weeks to the 1st of Grekar, but then I was summoned via a page to Lady Torchwood. Not a thing she did lightly.

‘Your Majesty, I have found them.’

‘Have they rounded Mishala?’

‘Yes, they spent the 14th and 15th of Algor in the city stocking up on supplies. They had a nearby mission within the Commonwealth of Yin-Sloth Kingdoms city of Terrellia. However, when they calculated the time it would take they opted to wait and put that mission on hold to come and seek us out for our requested aid.’

‘That is comforting news your words and our plight weighs upon them. What more did you glean?’

Caminata, the Master Elf Druid among them has gone home at the urging of the Gods of Light to the Vequerrel Woodlands to forestall yet another apocalyptic event from transpiring.

‘Your friends don’t know how to do things subtly it would seem.’

You are correct, when she hugged Raulf, a noble among the Wolfen, they spoke of a dance they shared on Horus’ Day. When she hugged Asher the Kobold mystic, he gave her a liquor made to increase visions. Your subject, Father Indaris of Sino, exchanged simple pleasantries. She bequeaths a piece of Osiris to the Hobgoblin called Burlap. Lastly, Xerx’ses the Golden Minotaur gives her a second Leaf Blanket of Healing that he had received at the Lopanic Games.

‘That was a powerful set of magical gifts, maybe the rumors surrounding his taste for elf skin are true?’

‘Not you too, Guy! Look there is no way it would work, oh why are we even discussing it?’

‘Please continue.’

There appears to be significant efforts to find members of Overkill’s old crew and have them return home.

‘If they can slay the dragon then any found within my realm will be given free passage to the land of CrIsis’ choosing and any crimes up to that day forgiven.’

If they win I will let them know, your majesty. Apparently they have a system for identifying accepted monsters in Mishala by wearing a red beaded necklace. The Minotaur gave it to a six-armed elf-like creature that sails with them! They also purchased an item allowing the Wolfen to endure our climates without his armor upon him. There was some debate about wearing the armor but the magic is not powerful enough to handle the increased heat from such apparel.

‘Is their voyage going well? Since you have been checking?’

No, a few turns of the hourglass – I believe – it is hard to nail down but not more than four turns did the skies go dark blue and then the most bizarre contingent of assailants teleport onto Rogtilda! There were Demons being led by a Deevil!

‘Is everything we know about the nether realms coming undone?!?!’

I don’t know your majesty but the Deevil has threatened CrIsis before, my time as editor of the books has allowed me to know this is the ArchFiend known as Ratel. He lead a group of eight Baal-Rog greater demons and two Shedim lesser demons. CrIsis went to the battle under Captain Xerx’ses, while the first-mate directed the rest of the crew into keeping the ship moving to avoid loosing time. The crew did take pot shots with items of iron. Apparently, some of them had run afoul of dark beasts before this day. Captain Xerx’ses tried shooting them with a fire spell, apparently he is not well versed in fighting various demons. However, the runesword, Callandor, was being swung while he was casting magic!

‘Wizards can’t do that!?!?!’

This one can your majesty. However, after surviving over twelve fireballs cast his way was brought low next to his first mate by a lucky spell that dazzled the senses. Asher used a magic scroll and Raulf used his Holy Sword to banish the demons. He even used another piece of Osiris to dispel the effects on Captain Xerx’ses and his first mate, but it took them a bit to regain their senses. Father Indaris used one of his flails to help force the demons away. Then he brought forth Oathbringer to smite Ratel, though I am unsure if this killed the Arch Fiend?

‘They just survived the forces of darkness. Did they even get hurt?’

‘No, your majesty. However, during this battle a ship begins to appear on the horizon and is beginning to over take Rogtilda when Asher’s scroll activates a spell almost never put to scroll anymore for the horrid effects it wreaks upon friend and foe. Id Barrier is it’s name.’

‘What happened, speak please?’

‘According to dwarven measurements the spell affects at least two hundred feet out from the scroll reader, but even with 300 feet separating their ships it appears to have covered that distance thrice over and then some! Two waves of magically induced fear wash over as you try to approach and later once you are within the effects of the spell. Should your will prove strong enough to overcome such feats and not run in fear their is more ready. The spell attacks your mind with apparitions visible to everyone that if your will is weak all people seeing it will believe is real!’

‘Such power could stop armies!’

‘That is indeed part of the reason we don’t make scrolls out of such spells because they can be read by anyone and used against yourself. Asher dispels all the apparitions he can see affecting CrIsis and the crew. All this time the cook on board the ship had succumb and was seeing fire. Captain Xerx’ses left the first mate at the wheel and charged into the galley. Using his resistance to magic and the fire eating ring he has. The cook was able to believe the fire went out and she was saved.’

‘So he ran to save the cook!?!?’


‘Interesting, you seem to have found the right people to help us.’

‘Just then two catapults fired from the black sailed ship and hit Rogtilda on the foredeck and the center galley hall. It appears the minotaur captain stuck himself between the explosion and the cook. The vision has faded I have no more, sire.’

‘Find out, anything you need aside from sleep keep at this. Duke Spatenrok can help me with other affairs of state until we know our saviors are en route and safe.’

‘Yes, your majesty.’

Flag picture by AZ_RUNE.
Dragon picture from the amazing Grzegorz Rutkowski.
Deevil Arch-Fiend picture courtesy of Palladium Books.

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