Seba Books at Risk!

A Brief Note From Ley-Rhy


This letter could not come at a more dire time. The world is splitting and I fear the worst. These are as it has been foretold. Dear friends of Osiris, the Books of the Seba are at risk! We were attacked by the Blessing, and poor Dhosa the Learned, Monk of the Guardians, has fallen. Many, including Sir Derrick, Stonelogger, and Jase Wendryn were severely injured!

This occurred just after we exited the Royal College of Navigation in beautiful Lopania. t did not help that the streets are not as I remembered them last I was in the city…many a year ago. The Games have changed them into a endless maze of dead ends. I am fortunate even the lot of us made out with our lives. The kind and lovely Empress is taking care of us, and availed us of her healers. She has also pledged a well guarded ship to transport the remaining books of the Seed Library here to the great Library of Bletherad! Her Kindness is exceptional! She stated that it was to repay the debt to Indaris for his imprisonment. May Isis watch you young priest!

You must immediately drop whatever quest you are on and retrieve the other Seba books! I regret this forwardness, as I do apologize for this inconvenience. Get thee to the Seed Libraries at Shadowfall, Bizantium City, and Avramstown! I and the remaining healthy Guardians will teleport in and out of Shandala, hoping that it has not yet been taken by the Middle Kingdoms! Their lot has been on my list of ones to watch. You can never trust ones that are surrounded on all sides. It is those with no retreat that must work in the shadows to move their hand.

I was able to get the words out of the book before it was taken. They are
more, hymns, just, but…and the word “Kingdom” once more.

I am starting to believe that “Kingdom” has a different meaning than the other words. Though without all the words entirely their meaning will be useless…which brings me to a fearful point.

I am afraid that the Mysterious One has uncovered the secret to the code, and they wish to get the Kidney of Osiris before you do! Or at least prevent thee from attaining it. All they need to do is take hold of ONE book, and burn it. Though if the founders of this riddle were as meticulous as I presume, these books may not be so easily destroyed as the Dark might believe. But do not let this deter thy pinpoint focus. Please, with Haste!

May the Goddess guide ye,

Your Friend,

Ley-Rhy, Scholarly Monk of Moonfast, Guardian of the Whispers of Konesh.

_Handwritten note upon a torn leaf from a book, written in ink. Delivered by a well-trained arctic tern. Curiously, it was dated yesterday, though an experience sailor would know that it is at least a four to five day journey as the crow flies. Must just be in error. That crazy old Ley-Rhy!_

Post Script Note from U’Selekma
Ley-Rhy was not aware of your trip to Avramstown/Wo-Elfenbrut


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