Second Thoughts

Entry #99

…so tomorrow if Grignak still wants this crystal crown I will give it to him. I realize now it should have been given to him in the first place. I will apologize and make it clear that I bear no ill will towards him. I hope he will also help me pray for the God‘s forgiveness. We are the instruments of the Gods upon this world. If I fail to trust Grignak then I am failing to trust Lady Bast. Selfish thoughts like these will cause this noble quest of Lady Isis‘s to fail.

I am thankful that my meditation and prayers to Great Apis allowed me to realize how selfish my actions were. A few days ago I kept the crystal crown even though Grignak wished it. Instead I forced him to take a crystal staff which he did not wish. Why? Because I misinterpreted his honest help with Nimaya as a joke at my expense? Because he tried to kill me twice after a curse afflicted his mind? Because clearing his mind ofthat madness caused me to stray from the path of Refinement? None of these things were his fault. They were mine. I attempted to punish him for them as if he were a child which needed reprimand.

I will make this right.

Note: This is a select excerpt from Silent Dream’s journal. It was written in Elven, on parchment paper, on the seventeenth of Thoth in the seventy-second year of the Great Wolfen Empire and the first year of the return of the Elven Kingdom.

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4 Responses to “Second Thoughts

  • Interesting, there is a lot behind the scenes on this one to read through.

  • I feel sorry for Dream, always taking on the weight of the world.

  • I’ll say this, he is a lot quicker to realize his shortcomings then the rest of CrIsis

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