“Secret” Admirer


I do not wish it be known to anyone that I am writing you, as I feel that it may be seen as if I am playing favorites. You may say what you will- if you must identify the sender, use my old traveling name- Baldbet Pegrim. Only Malkin, Sulyott, and Forenque would recognize that name- at least only they are still upon this plane.

It is for that reason that I am writing you- this mortal plane. I was old and tired, and ready to retire and wrap myself in my studies of Ma’at and Ma’ip, when CrIsis came along. I was rejuvenated for a while, and felt new life.

Now, however, there are only 4 of us alive from the Old Age- the 3 listed above and myself. All the others are gone, and I am feeling tired and alone. I am also truly beginning to doubt. I know that you have always been honest, whether or not it was the best policy.

Is CrIsis capable of succeeding? Can they defeat a group made to kill them, like ReSet? Can they resist the Dark? I am disheartened not only in some of the past actions of the group, but concerned about the future! If they could defeat Overkill, guarded by the legendary armor Horus’ Light, how can you all survive when you travel to a truly evil place, such as the Isle of Cyclops? My prayers are with you, but without Godly intervention, I am afraid for your lives!

I knew the Defilers well, and this may just may be sadness with the loss of them, but I feel that I do not know your group well, and am therefore afraid.

Please advise-

Picture from Fictional Friend.

Actually written by his holiness U’Selekma, Pontiff of the Church of Light and Dark, Holder of the Sacred Ankh, possessor of the Greyhound Head Staff of Ra, and wielder of the Sun Disk.

Out of Character Note- This letter, and any further “Secret Admirer” letters do not appear in the Books of CrIsis, nor are they automatically shared with other CrIsis members- they really are secret.

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