Security Officers Log

We have a small respite since the latest ReSet attack and I want to continue my internal report on the security, or lack thereof, within CrIsis, or at least somewhere in the lesser inner circle. This being said, I have decided to take on the role of Security Officer for the group. No one will know until I am ready to let them know. Of course I had to show my hand recently, I will explain this shortly. So let us begin.

*Security Officer
Quingia Raulf Bozkurtlar’s log:*

*71st year in the great Wolfen Empire;*

*16th Algor;*

We have been set on by a mysterious black sailed ship. It is presumed to be pirate, but I am not so sure. Pirates are smarter than most give credit. They would recognize our flag and what it represents. Knowing this they would hunt far easier prey. This ship has trailed us for some time before firing several shots at us. Then they just broke off and sailed away. I suspect they are scouting us to determine our military capabilities and suspect we may see it again.

With the lovely Caminata taking on a quest of her own for her homeland, we have a new(ish) member of CrIsis. He is an Ashada (a squirrel like race). I know nothing of them. After the usual introductions, I find out he was a former member and a Mind Mage. This brings me to having to show my hand. He requested to meld our minds so we could get a better sense of each other. While bonded I had to share everything, one because there was no hiding any of my thoughts, two since he has been absent from the group for so long he couldn’t have anything to do with the leaks. At least that was how I was thinking. My hunch was right. As much as my thoughts were his, his were mine and I knew all that he knew. So I recruited him into the investigation. His next act was to meld with Burlap, a risk but worth it. Burlap was found to be unconnected in any way to any leak of secrets in any manner, associate number 2 in the investigation.

I have uncovered a minor issue with a member of the crew; while covertly observing the interactions of everyone on board, I noticed that the cook Annie paying particular attention to Xerx’ses. At first I thought it was an attempt at clandestine observation. I was mistaken though, it seems she may have romantic feelings for our mighty Minotaur. These Hooman emotions are difficult to sniff out. Back home it is very easy to tell when a suitor puts out signals. They are literally sniffed out. If hoomans only had better sense of smell, now that I recognize the scent of “love”, I can smell very thickly on her. I am surprised Xerx’ses can’t smell it. Now if I could only determine the smell of lying…

*23rd Algor;*

Nothing much has transpired in the last few days. We are currently passing near the western border of the Land of the South Winds. I have conferred with Ja’Deir a few times as to my theories. They are few and thin. He says that he has known several of the members for some time and ensured me that they are all trustworthy, I believe him for the most part, as my prime theory is that the mole is someone very close to CrIsis.

*30th Algor;*

We just passed through the “Straits of Hell”, the passage between Sulanok and the Floenry Isles, where we were besieged by a truly hideous creature I have never laid eyes upon. Half the sailing crew was petrified; amazing since they have seen almost every type sea creature. One man fell overboard. I had to through a rope as the ship rose out of the water. This was more amazing than the creature as we were FLYING under the power of the ship, stranger and stranger. I was able to lasso Stef with ease considering the situation. I pulled him up straight away. We were able to get out of the grasp of the creature and FLY off. Now I know why it’s called the “Straits of Hell”.

*31st Algor;*

We arrive at Marmana in Timiro at sunset. We dock and are assisted by the Sami Clan, whom are very gracious to CrIsis for assistance that was rendered in the past. We are birthed and given supplies and transport to reach Aracho, the next stop on our journey to slay a dragon…this phrase seems familiar…like I read it in a tome on self…slaying ones dragons? Or was it demons?

Apologies for the tangent, Xerx’ses sends Annie, Honeysuckle and Attel to find former crew of the Redbeard. This seems an important mission for the former crew of the ship.
Xerx’ses has been sending many a pigeon to an unknown individual. I know he is not sending secrets…knowingly. I will have to meet with him about this, with the assistance of Ja’Deir.

*1st Gryphon;*

We have reached the edge of Aracho and find lodging for the night, fresh start in the light.

*2nd Gryphon;*

We go to an Alchemy shop for supplies; the owner is a racist against hobgoblins and paralyzes Burlap. Strange event; A Minotaur, a Wolfen and a hobgoblin walk into an Alchemy shop (sounds like the start of one of Burlaps jokes) and they are frightened of the hobgoblin. Xerx’ses determines he can learn a new act of magic and he goes off with the Owner.

*3-9th Gryphon;*

Over the next week as we wait for Xerx’ses to return we gather additional supplies for the trip and horses and a wagon to carry everything. We also visit with Indaris’ parents and get a decent home cooked meal before we are off to slay the dragon…seeing the words is so very strange…as though seeing them makes it true…if only. Indaris and Burlap are taken by a couple of religious grifters. They set up fake shrines to Thoth and Isis, looking for patrons to “make donations”. With his artist skills he draws a poster with the image of the grafter in hopes of bringing them to justice. The Isis “follower” is captured and returns the stolen monies and turns in his friend after finding out Indaris is a priest of Isis and fears the wrath.

*10th Gryphon;*

Travel is rough and our supplies don’t last us as long as we expect. We forage and hunt for food. I should have kept better track of supplies.

*11th Gryphon;*

We come across a merchant selling fruits and vegetables. We buy almost everything he has.

*12th Gryphon;*

A pig is found and drained for Asher, while the rest of us enjoy the meat. As we sit around a make shift camp taking in sustenance ReSet rears its ugly head again. We are not as ready as we should be, should have had someone on lookout or guard. We dispatch them fairly quickly as usual. No one is injured, but we are all drained, mentally and spiritually. I am hoping that we have some time to rest. OH NO IT’S THE DRAG…

Raulf & Caminata by AZ-Rune Art, commission him at

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