Serving Others

It’s been a while since I have last written to you. Many things have changed since I have done so. I have become the most wanted person in the world. This is no secret, but by the time you read this I am either dead or have been released from this bounty. Therefore there is no more need to hide behind my weakness known as fear. I must stand bravely as expected by my god and my country. Therefore I share with you the joys I have had in these past months. I have begun work with the leaders in Bizantium to create one of the first temples of Ra to be erected there. To those followers there I encourage you to stand fast in the turmoil that has erupted in your country. We in CrIsis have not forgotten you. We were there when King Bafag was struck down by the gods. His lust for attention and praise was his undoing. Therefore brothers I ask that you remain humble in your deeds. Give glory to the gods where glory is due. Do not claim such that does not belong to you, lest, you wish to be likened to the late king. Even now I am struck by awe that the slightest word said in the wrong manner can be cause for retribution from the gods. Our latest example of this was Mevka follower of Rurga, who was smitten due to her words manipulated by her own anger and haughtiness. She was truly a great follower and warrior, but without self-control we can unravel and turn to blasphemy in mere moments. So brothers and sisters of the light take heed and do not be such that you will be a further example of the wrath of gods.

I am also pleased to state that I am overwhelmed with your support on our task. I beg you though not to compare us to others or hold us on higher ground than others. We are but mere servants tasked to do the will of the gods as any follower would do when asked. We are but mere mortals and should be treated as equals to yourselves. For we have not been chosen to be served, but to serve you and the gods. We do appreciate your assistance in our quest and count these works as your tithes and offerings. Therefore I must mention those that have gone above and beyond to aid us on our quest. The first two that I hold in high regard are King Avramson and Greminor. Their faithfulness to our quest and goal has led to our unending gratitude. I encourage all who can to visit Greminor’s alchemy shop if you are able to do so. Next I must thank many merchants. First is the blacksmith shop the Iron Steed of Bizantium for supporting the new festival of Peace and Brotherhood to be held yearly. He has created a symbol of peace and equality among all races and to him I am grateful. Next we have the Leathered Maiden in Haven. I have met this owner but once, yet I am confident that his work is great and his faith in Ra is even greater. With the blight of darkness known as New Haven casting its shadow on the light of Haven, this man has taken a stand to not let the darkness snuff the light out. Its people like this that do work not for glory, but to glorify, that shall receive notice. Therefore do your works in secret, for the praise of man’s lips shall be all that you receive if you do so to receive recognition, but if you go unnoticed by mortals, know that your god has not let this go unnoticed and you shall receive the blessings of the gods.

Posted by Gavin on the 17th of Majestic in the 9th Year of King Gedro.

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