So Far Away From Where You Are

These miles have torn us worlds apart

Dearest Rolling Hills,

I am sorry that it took me a year to be able to write to you again. The trek through Hades was long and arduous. But we have returned triumphant with the Skull of Osiris!

Hades bore many similarities to our world geographically. But it was much larger and hotter than I think any of us expected! It took some time for us to adjust. We had some encounters early in our travels which nearly outed our presence to Modeus. Jidian‘s help was invaluable but he was only able to accompany us for a short while. It was a fine honor to fight alongside him for even that short time before he was returned to the North.

It took us several months of travel to reach Modeus’ castle. We would not have made it without the aid of The Gods. Especially Bes. Once there we met a strange ally. With her friends we were able to save most of the Humans we encountered in the castle. Thanks to Grignak‘s fervor The Gods were able to provide a miracle for us which froze the Demons and the castle itself! With that help we made it safely to the uppermost floors. Before we confronted Modeus we encountered ancient Elven and Dwarven prisoners. They seemed to be people of importance from during the Elf-Dwarf wars. I hope they will be able to recover and find solace in our world once again.

Modeus would not give up Osiris’ Skull. Our fight against him was trying. Numerous statues of him and his underlings animated to fight us. He had been building his power for days in order to try and crush us. We offered him many chances to surrender the skull peacefully. He finally tried to negotiate with us once our victory was clear. I do not regret that I refused to allow one so evil to have a second chance. I sent Torrun sailing through the air at him. In one final, powerful swing, the fight was ended.

His castle collapsed behind us. We traveled back to where we entered Hades from. This time the travel was longer. The land was in chaos. With no leader there was no order. Many Humans were rebelling against their captors. I could help very few of these unfortunate souls on our way to Modeus’ castle. Thankfully we were able to help many more on our way out. We could discern through the uprisings that the Demons assumed the Deevils were responsible. None of us thought to correct their error. At least, none of us except Merkl. As we escaped moments ago Merkl announced to the Demons all around that it was Crisis who killed Modeus!

I do not know what came of that statement as now we are back! My first thought was to write you. I have missed you terribly this past year. I hope you are well. I hope Koris Gwaisol has continued to prosper in peace and unity. Now that we have returned I expect we will shortly begin our travel to the holy city of Khemennu. Once there we should be able to make Great Osiris whole once more. After that – I hope you will accompany me as I travel to pay my respects to those who have helped Crisis and to both give and return precious gifts.

There is one lingering thing from our time in Hades which still bothers me. Most of my friends in CrIsis have taken to showing reverence towards the Dark Gods as well as those of the Light. They have begun to celebrate their holidays and pray to them. Only Merkl abstains from these celebrations with me. I know it’s important to keep the Church of Light and Dark unified. I know that many in the Wolfen Empire worship those of the Dark. I do not wish to show disrespect but… I have trouble bringing myself to celebrate those who have perpetrated such Evil upon the world. Those who have worked so hard to stop us that they have allowed the world to be thrown into disarray. Am I doing the wrong thing by not joining CrIsis in this reverence? I hope I can discover the answer to that in Khemennu.

I look forward to being able to see you again soon! Until that time, may the Gods stand between you and harm in all the empty places you walk.

With Love,

Silent Dream. of Dream Lake. and of CrIsis.

Note: This letter was written in Elven, on parchment paper, on the 22nd day of Selestra, in the seventy-fourth year of the Great Wolfen Empire and the third year of the return of the Elven Kingdom. It was sent directly to the Holy Pontiff with respect for final delivery.

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4 Responses to “So Far Away From Where You Are

  • To be clear I have never prayed, only found an excuse to have a row with Ursus. Torrun’s thought on the issue is, “In war there are survivors and they never move on if the fight lingers in their hearts. Your fears and concerns are valid but either the war is over, my friend, or their is nothing but blood for the Church. Let us leave such a dark fate to the Dragonwright and their internal disputes that NEVER STOP.”

    • It’s an interesting issue which we may be able to explore more as we wrap up the game. I don’t think there’s a right or wrong here, just two different ways to handle the situation, each with their own benefits and drawbacks.

  • Dream will be Dream, if he doesn’t want to Worship the Dark then SoBeIt. With the War over, each should be able to chose.

  • Glad that this log has started a conversation- great work!

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