Received by Indaris and Xerx’ses on their exit from Wo-Elfenbrut on the 9th of Gryphon in the 345th year of the Eastern Dominion

The small patch with the Tri-Arcanum Sigil that both Indaris and Xerx’ses wear glow brightly. A voice calls out, and both recognize the voice of Wesvon Mardeen, Master of the Granted Magics.
”You are required to attend the nomination and voting of the new Master Weaver on the Spring Equinox. Master Kel-Ed was taken from this plane in the Battle of Avramstown. Nominations will be taken at sunrise of the Equinox, and voting will commence at sunset. Any member not checked in by the vote will lose their membership. May you please take a moment and honor the great Kel-Ed, the only Weaver Master the Guild has ever known in its 200 years.”

Indaris sigil then ceases to glow, and Xerx’ses sigil burns off in a bright blaze, yet damages none of the material it is on.



Symbol from our own AZ Rune.

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