Tale of a New Adventurer



Since my family has decided to shun me, and the only others that I feel comfortable conversing with are my fellow warriors and soldiers. I am not ready to discuss my current situation with them though. So, I write this letter to you Master Ra. I know such a missive may not physically make it to you, but it does comfort me to write this down, especially if you are the intended receiver.

It has been many a year since I thought about how I was treated by my family, especially His Royal Highness Bodolf IV, or as I call him Father, Bodolf the Bold as his more enthusiastic followers call him. I can understand that he has to do what he did but it didn’t have to be so public a shunning. Of course that was the face of it to appease the Church. I just wish my oldest brother, Prince Ulrich, hadn’t taken such glee in my shunning. That, I guess, is our fate. I just didn’t akin to the idea of it all though. Oh well, just getting it of my chest, trying to ease my mind.

On to the more pressing events of late; Horus came to me in a vision, of course you or Isis sent him. He invited me officially to the CrIsis team. I was very curious and intrigued, so I accepted readily; in service to you of course. Once the reading was done I was transported in a flash to a very tiny rowboat. Another was near. The human at the oars was very shocked; I guess someone else was sitting there just before me. Not knowing what was going on I let my training and instinct take over. My commanding demeanor demanded answers and so did I. I tried explaining about the Books, but the rest of the passengers of the dinghy were in the mood for argument. The oarsman didn’t take to my commands or demands; he swung at me with one of his oars. This gave me a chuckle inside as I parried his oar and it shattered into splinters. I was put under a deceptive spell and fell fast asleep. After waking, I attempted to get the small human to move the craft faster to whatever destination they had planned. Once there, a large ship, something attacked the other rowboat and dragged one of the others into the deep. A Minotaur was able to save him handily. We all climbed aboard the ship where we were all set upon by more foes; a group of foul smelling fish creatures that I have never laid eyes on. We engaged them and made short work of them all. Once we were settled the ship launched. We sailed for several days.

After a few days a strange occurrence set upon us all. We all had a shared dream. At least that is the best we could figure afterwards. The dream was strange, very strange indeed. I was a small rodent called a squirrel. The others were various different animals. We each had peculiar powers and aspects. You could say alter egos. How I came in as a tiny squirrel alludes me. None the less, the adventure was grand indeed. We were characters in a story of trying to climb a giant bean stalk to a castle in the clouds. There was an odd creature with one eye, two large ears that were inline on top of his head, some kind of crank handle on the side of his head, and three skeletal legs. We all took shots at each other and reveled in each other’s misery. Than we started to work as a very loose group to achieve the goals set by the one-eyed oddity. We “stormed” the castle looking for prizes and treasure. I had a few setbacks. Once I launched myself by some strange barrel device over the castle, back down to the ground. I thought myself dead, but I awoke moments later without a scratch. Eventually we obtained the prizes and returned to the ground. One-eye tried a double cross and threatened us with harm if we didn’t give up our hard earned reward. He pointed two small barreled weapons at us. I stuck a finger into each barrel; for some reason it seemed the correct action to achieve victory over him. It worked, the barrels exploded back into his face. We threw him from the long carriage we had for transport. There was a weird sign on the back of the carriage that said “The End” and we all awoke back in our cabins aboard the ship. We had several bits of treasure and paragon that we didn’t have before.

Every member had 10 Dragon coins. We also had the Choad of Osiris; an interesting prize. Isis is probable REAL HAPPY we were able to obtain this PART. After seeing it I can see why, I am almost jealous.

Well Master it is late and we are almost to our destination, I will need rest. Thank you Almighty Ra for this opportunity to serve you.

Your Servant,
Quingia Ballistia Raulf Bozkurtlar

Master, just as we got to port I received a strange missive from my very dear friend Jidian Kulder. I haven’t time to read it all yet, he mention that he might join me soon for something. Maybe there is something amis with my family. I pray to you that they are all healthy.

Quingia Bozkurtlar

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