Tax Time Reply

King Guy of House Campton,

Your esteemed majesty, if it would please your august grace and generosity to speak with my person I shall beg a boon of your time for this missive about taxes.

I am Prince Torrun ‘syn Ithanson, and to make it clearer if your historians can’t place the name. My ancestor is the Dwarf King Ithan whom had the runic armor that spell was named for. My sister is Queen Disvanova ’ekun Ithansdottir the First and one of the two diarchs that make up the head of the Congress of the Compound. Suffice to say is that the royal families that had sued for peace among the War of the Fair and the Strong. They survived the Great Thunder by retreating to another dimension or world. In the time that passed we have completely worked out our differences and come back united to see a better Palladium.

As a member of CrIsis I understand we are to remit ten percent of our wealth earned during the prior cycle of the year to this date. If I am mistaken the error lies with me and I accept any grievance for improperly misunderstanding your generous missive upholding our honor. We are currently within the country of Bizantium and its capital city. Once we have finished fixing a misunderstanding regarding the wishes of the gods: Bast, Kym–Nark–Mar, and Algor. We shall make forthwith to that city’s Gold Coast Trading Company. Once there we will gather our finances and make a deposit into and account and send word for you to access it. This will likely be accomplished within the next 3 days time, which should make us early and allow you to save any honor at risk for backing the cause of light.

While I may be new to this world, I wear the Eternal Torch Ring of Xerx’ses the Oathkeeper upon my right forearm. I shall do my utmost to make sure the faith your majesty has placed in us does not go in vain or misused. I do look forward to a day we may be able to meet and I can shake the hand of the most enlightened ruler upon this world. What I have read of your policies and procedures regarding all races is nothing short of wondrous. You are the only person I have seen on this world to reach the same understanding those of the Congress of the Compound came to.

Were I an ambassador of my sister and queen I would be honored to extend the hand of one monarch to another. Alas, I am a Prince in service to the sun on high, Lord of Lords, Ra the Mighty. He has deigned that I become his Demigod of Valor. For what it may be worth you will have my friendship, counsel, and good will to your reign.

May it be long and glorious,

May you walk in the light of Ra for all your days,

Torrun, High Thane of the Dwarves

Written in the Southern language and repeated in Elven and Dwarven script.

Picture by our own AZ Rune.




8 Responses to “Tax Time Reply

  • Man, just really digging Torrun… really cool!
    Surprise, no extension needed…

    • I have to admit I am really digging him as well. It surprises me sometimes how much I enjoy portraying him.

  • hmm does that mean we pay tax to him from money earned in other lands, as I don’t think the kings from the other lands would want to miss out. Luckily Merkl hasn’t earned any.

    • The way “taxes” work in this instance are a little strange to me… I think it’s just oversimplified. If other rulers are going to start demanding taxes then I think this will need a serious revisit.

      • Oversimplified for easy GM math…

        • Actually it was a bit more simple than today because it was tied to your fealty chain. Foreign taxes tended to be levied immediately because the person did not live there. Ex-pat parties were often want to send their stipends home via trusted courier or personally on annual visits. Currently this describes most of CrIsis.

          • Well said- but I did it for easy math…. and to tie CrIsis to the one kingdom they actually fit into, thanks to Gavin.

  • Well at least their paid in full…till next year…if there is a next year???

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