That’s Queen Christine To You

The Return of the Redbeard Clan

A Discussion had at the Pyramid at Sinza between General Moritz, human general of Bizantium, and Duchess Christine Vega, former Queen of Bizantium

They were just Legend, we thought. Stories told by the campfires to scare kids, motivation to keep morale up, legends to inspire troops to be vigilant. They were not supposed to be real!”

”’Real they are, my Lady, and killing indiscriminately all across Northern Bizantium. I am one of the lucky ones to survive, one of very few. You must find a way to free your Husband! We need you and he to take back the throne!”

“We must honor the will of the people, and the agreement made. I agree that Duke Minischmee should be released, but taking back the throne? The people decided they wanted someone else.”

”Now many more realize their error. King Wilgan sits and lets his own subjects die, while continuing the attacks on the Shadow Colonies! His Queen, Fala, seems to have some sway over him, and there are so many now imprisoned that a new, larger jail has been built to add to the dungeon capacity. Some have been murdered in the throne room for just questioning the acts of the rulers! This is no longer Bizantium! It seems that Fala and Terosh have an agreement- why else would the King let his people get slaughtered?”

“Do you have proof General? Can others speak the same? If so, I will agree to your crazed plan, even if it gets me killed. Too many have died for no reason.”

“Here my lady,” says General Moritz, as he signals someone carrying a chest standing far away, out of hearing. The chest is opened, full of scrolls, and even 2 paintings. The paintings show Iceborn eating victims, Bizantium citizens, and slaying them with no mercy. A tear rolls down the former Queen’s cheek as she reads some of the scrolls.

”Gather all you can. I shall call for all the Dwarves of Sinza to return. This can continue no longer. It may be suicide, but I can no longer stand for my countrymen and women to die because I keep myself safe. It is time to fight” The former Queen calls out to her cousin by marriage, the High Priestess Cora, ”Gather the crew, and let them know that the Redbeard shall sail again!”

General Moritz taps a medallion after walking to his assistant, holding on to the soldier’s shoulder, and blinks out of view. His mission to “Capture the former Queen” was a failure, for it was a ruse, and he had to act quickly. Bizantium may not be saved, but it would go down fighting!

The above occurred, unbeknownst to CrIsis, on Od 8.

Picture by our own AZ Rune.

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