The Adventures of Gurgle

The Adventures of Gurgle

The city was bigger than I’d ever thought. Sure, you grow up with the concept of ‘city’ being repeated to you and drilled into you, but when the biggest grouping of people that you have the misfortune of running into would be better defined as a loose collection of hovels than even a village or a town.

Bletherad…how do you describe the wealth of the municipality. They had enough wealth in the past to create the edifice that is the Library itself, a huge building of stone. Not wood, or mud or thatch, but stone. The work alone boggles the mind, but the materials required for the structure are more even than that.

I was unceremoniously dumped off the ship that had taken me from the Eastern Territory onto the docks. The smell of rotting fish assaulted my nostrils, and breathing through my mouth only succeeded in making me taste the rotting fish in addition to smelling it.

By the time I made it past the end of the docks I felt as though I were drowning in the smells of sentient beings, and the slightest breeze from the city itself cleansed my palate, leaving me feeling as though I were breathing fresh air, Of course, the sight of garbage liquefying to the side of the path only charitably called a road belied even that small mercy.

The city was bedecked by Light Worship signs for the new God Khonsu. I’m not sure what his tenets are, but since he is one of the Gods of Light it’s likely something to do with brotherhood and peace and getting along with your fellow man.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not going to be worshiping the Gods of Dark either. I’m not going out of my way to attack people or submit them to my will. I’m just a live and let live sort of guy.

My musings are interrupted as I hear people mentioning the Shield of Light in port. They also mention CrIsis. Now, there’s a group I could get behind. People screw with you and you destroy them. That is the message that CrIsis sends. Good, bad, or indifferent, you don’t mess with CrIsis.

I take a few fortifying breaths and make my way back toward the docks. After asking a couple of individuals the way, I step lightly toward the ship that everyone seems to indicate. As I stepped up to the ship I took a deep breath and yelled, “Hail, the ship.”

“Who’s shoutin’,” one of the sailors, almost, shouted back.

“Noone of consequence, but I’m looking for berth on your ship if I may.”

“This ain’t no pleasure cruise, My Lord,” he said with a sneer.

“And I wouldn’t seek my pleasure aboard. I’ve heard this is the ship of CrIsis, and simply wished to work passage aboard so I might be able to meet them.”

“A fan, are ye?”

“Not particularly. Simply put, I would love to experience adventure, should it kill me or not, and write about it. Should it include the inestimable CrIsis, then who am I to complain.”

“Who is this troll bandying about the name of CrIsis?” said a swarthy skinned fellow. He was more put together than the able seaman I’d been first introduced to, but still had a bit of the rogue about him.

“My name is Gurgle and…”

“Gurgle?” the sailor exclaims, “Gurgle?” and then the two of them break out laughing. It’s times like these that I really hate my parents’ lack of knowledge of human tongues when they named me.

“If you are quite done ridiculing my name, could I have a place aboard?”

“Are you a sailor?”

“I have never sailed, per-se, but I am a quick study and a hard worker.”

“That’s as may be,” the swarthy man said, “but we have enough ‘quick studies’ aboard at the moment.”

“Well, I have training as a carpenter.”

“Why didn’t you say so before?”

“You never asked?”

“We’re always in need of a carpenter. If you prove unable to actually work wood, well, we can always put you off the ship.”

“At the next port, I assume?”

“Who said anythin’ about makin’ port,” the first sailor said.

“No need to spook the lad,” the swarthy one said.

“Aye, Captain,” was the reply.

“Welcome aboard the Shield of Light,” the captain said and offered me his hand.


11 Responses to “The Adventures of Gurgle

  • Interesting, is this a new crewman we need to add to the page?

    Or, did I miss something about this wonderfully developing character tale?

    • Click on the Name Link at the top for the Gurgle name, and all will be revealed as to who this character is.

      A little misdirect, a little crystal magic, and a little chutzpah.

      • I saw the link, it just didn’t make sense to me, sorry but now I know I misunderstand the intent. Still a great log “I” just didn’t get the intended message cloaked in Crystal obfuscation.

        • It was only after my response that I remembered I only sent information to GM by whisper about what I was doing 🙂

          Aura Adjustments: Level low, no magic/psionics, no possessing entities, non-supernatural. Allignment Anarchist.

  • Yes, Grignak did a very good job of disguise- unfortunately, he is still the only troll on the ship though…

  • Sneaky Bastard. I see what you did there. Nice.

  • Oh, Griknak, you Absolute MASTER of disguise!

    • I always thought Grignak was the sub, not the master…

      • Grignak is whatever you need him to be, GM 🙂

  • I love how Grignak commits to a character. That’s his high percentage of Impersonation doing its job right there!

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