The Ballad of Torrun: When We Hurt Each Other

Gracious and wise Rod Rambler, I do not have the right to ask so I beseech you to enjoy your impending retirement.

Most holy, Pontiff U’selekma, most dangerous Bishop of Cynopolis, and finally, the Cardinal of Anubis – God of the Afterlife,

I want to thank the Pontiff for delivering this missive, since I don’t know if I will see either of the two of your holy personages upon the Isle of the Dead in the Nercopolis known even to my ancestors as Cynopolis. To the Cardinal, dearest Lady or Lord, given that we have never met in person please extend my thanks unto the soon to be God of the Afterlife. Now please understand it is not my intention to disrespect Anubis in this upcoming accolade. You see my friend, Sky Captain Willy, was a bit of a wavering agnostic before choosing Thoth as his personal savior. Captain Willy asked me to think outside the box and I did so in Caer Itom, with the help of my close friend Zavik the Troll. Should you need his services please find him at the shop of the personal alchemist of CrIsis, Gabriel. He showed me the books of scholars that held no religious love or fervor in their hearts. Think of it as an independent third party review of the situation.

Anubis has daddy issues.

I have always wondered why some scholars say that the gods are a grand reflection of the mortal condition? Why would a rather forward looking god as Osiris and Isis give birth to a jackal headed creature. Then it hit me why the Pontiff studied the Book of Ma’at in New Haven. Anubis fought on the side of Ra during the ancient conflict called, the Age of Chaos! During this time he was their loyal son! The real problem came when the fighting ended, as it can for many warriors, so again I mean no disrespect. Unfortunately, we all have that one friend that thinks of the most dangerous and reckless thing to do and we find ourselves two kegs of ale in going, “YEAH! LET US DO THAT!” This is the relationship Set has with Anubis. Now, I allowed to see a few records that remind me of some of the ancient texts I have read in my birth-world of Congress. Written by an Elf, Stjepan Sejic. They found that Set made Anubis feel as though he could save and redeem the actual God of Darkness. I know what I’m thinking, that it’s silly but a few years ago they said the same thing about CrIsis actually putting Osiris back together so bear with me Voice of the Lord of the Afterlife.

Every time Anubis would reach out into the dark abyss almost touching Set to save and bring him back Set would sink a little deeper. Soon Anubis – as time goes for godly creatures – did indeed reach Set, only the spark of good was nowhere to be seen. It was never truly there at all! Now Anubis realized to late that with the sword that held Osiris’ – his father – blood upon it that Set was never sinking into the pit of the Abyss of Darkness.

He was luring him in!

That is why it was Isis and Osiris before his death sought out Lictalon the Great, Back in the Age of Light did they work to create the race we know as the Wolfen, Coyles, and Kankoran. I also believe Isis and Osiris contributed to this as a means of trying to bridge the growing rift with their son, Anubis. It did not work and I feel the Coyles suffer from Set’s whispers into Anubis’ ear. While I could be wrong, it, along with the information contained within Wo’Elfenbrut actually support my hypothesis. Set just used their gesture of love and creation to further drive a wedge that they were trying to replace him.

Set will do the same thing with ReSet, if Anubis displeases him or is no longer useful.

I am taking time and energy to be verbose and clear that again it is not my intent to besmirch Anubis Lord of the Afterlife. I am trying to paint a picture of understanding between opponents on a battlefield. Wars don’t happen unless both sides feel they have been wronged. However, most gods forget that all that has to happen to destroy them is for their followers to genuinely feel they’ve been lied to and will be on the loosing side. Now this is where your Bishop of Cynopolis and the Pontiff should be commended, yes I said something nice about a worshiper of the Dark. One of my ex lovers was a very active worshiper of Amon. Yes, so sneaking off to find places and be “alone” was kind of her thing. Every time we were done I would get ready because to earn the secret of the location she shared I had to fight some monster she had trapped there to get out. My sister still thinks I am permanently crazy for dating her as long as I did, but it was good practice. At least that’s what I told myself. You see it was an abusive relationship, and while I was the victim, by returning I only helped to fuel the cycle of anger she actually felt for me. We were both lying to each other to see what we wanted to see in the other.

Anubis has been doing that with Set for nearly one hundred millenniums!

Unwittingly Set, Osiris and Isis focus all their attention on one person, Anubis.

Not so long ago
In the Ma’ip, closer than it seems
There lived a happy little boy
With a pouch full of dreams

He was as hated as was loved
It didn’t matter what he’d done
But the one thing that he knew
Was that he seemed to hurt everyone

Too trusting and too helpful
Too judgmental and a fool
He could never just be perfect
And society was cruel

It carried on for years
And nobody could decide
Whether this happy little boy
Should get to live or die

So one leader told their people
That something must be done
And the poor thing should be dealt with
So it couldn’t hurt anyone

Get it to kill its father
The hidden one spoke and gloated
You know he won’t survive
Ruined and crushed he will be smoted

The one leader smile and beguiled
And whispered words of blame
So this happy little boy
Would only think of words of shame

No longer a happy little boy
At his father he did bark and shout
Soon his family began to crumble
Filled with cracks and doubt

Every single citizen watched
As a blade was drawn with care
The boy aligned it his father’s heart
Breathing this was to stop his hateful glare

Instantly the father’s dull eyes closed
A single push was done
Hushed whispers silenced throughout the land
Watching his smiling tear drops run

When mother found them in the morn
The dark leader left her with tears upon her face
He had taken her husband and son and she knew
Neither were in a better place

How hopeless she was lying there
With blood on the bedroom floor
The only thing to take comfort in
Father and son couldn’t hurt each other anymore

Mother watched as her heart clamored shut
Now the life of the happy little boy was dead
Such a pity, society sighed
That the blame was within his head.

Take heed of this done story
For the many who ruin themselves
Though words might seem so innocent
Our worst critics are ourselves

So please let every Anubis worshiper on Palladium know my words, “I forgive you all!”
I will not speak for my companions but in honor of the new Horned God of Vows, and the love he bears for your god’s father I pray he hears these words. I, Prince Torrun Ithanson, swear to try and harm as few of the Dark followers as possible. I, Prince Torrun Ithanson, swear to try and harm as little of the Necropolis known as Cynopolis as possible. For the dead of Light and Dark lay buried here. Heroes rest in protected catacombs and I know some of my family is among them. All I beseech of you and your flock is that when Osiris is Lord of the Underworld and Judge of the Dead once more. That you remember this and have your followers pray for Anubis to just come to terms with his father. They may never see eye to eye, but a common ground and respect must be sought out by both sides if we are to avoid this catastrophe in our future.

I cannot claim it is a vision but I had a dream where Osiris and Anubis formed the core of a working partnership for the good of followers both light and dark. Osiris would judge the dead, Sebek would ferry them to the afterlife where Anubis would welcome them and when the soul was ready to return to enlighten itself more he would ask Isis to do so. Ra will stand as the epitome of the light and Set will always be there to test and find those unworthy. I pray it is not just a dream but a better world or worlds to come.

Despite being of the Dark acknowledging my semi-divine nature gives me health and so I thank all the valiant warriors of Anhur and the Church of Light and Dark for their valor.

Be well!

Prince Torrun Ithanson,
High Thane of the Dwarves

Sent upon the various dates; in the 2nd year of Koris Gwaisol – Kingdom of Ælfrik.


Pictures from our own AZ Rune
Poem altered from ‘HERE’


5 Responses to “The Ballad of Torrun: When We Hurt Each Other

  • This is quite a bold log. Will it change the hearts and minds of any of the followers of the Dark? One hopes so…

    • It takes effort to be a Prince IMO. He has also started to try and become a leader. I am not sure he is doing it right but it feels like the correct path.

      • I just cannot wait for the Anubis aligned to read “Anubis has daddy issues”!!
        Great log, cool poem, and I just love your art on ReSet!

  • “The real problem came when the fighting ended, as it can for many warriors” We are so used to death and destruction, sometimes we can’t go back.

    “We all have that one friend that thinks of the most dangerous and reckless thing to do and we find ourselves two kegs of ale in going, ‘YEAH! LET US DO THAT!'” Or in Ursus’ case, very little liquid encouragement is required.

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