The Buccaneers of the Sky

Hiya Pa,

Talk about magic overload, and I mean REAL magic, not the sleight of hand trickery I do, nor that which the Guildmasters in Llorn do, but mind bending, reality warping magic and that was for fun before breakfast.

His mightiness Lord Lictalon’s domain is a paradise on Palladium, I have seen nothing close to coming to match it (except for maybe some glimpses of what I assume is Ma’ip), the birds sing their trilling songs whiles seeming to call out look at me, look at me, the green grass is so soft on the feet it almost beckons you to lay under a tree and relax and watch the day go by. The sky is as blue as the Sapphires we received from that priest in Haven, except for fluffy puffy clouds that lazily cross the sky. The people here are beautiful and strong and I, I have to get out of here, it’s messing with my mind, I saw a fair maiden drop her purse, and I not only picked it up and returned it to her, I didn’t even think to mention for us to go have a private glass of wine or 2.
er yeah the important stuff.

Silent Dream came up with a brilliant idea and asked Lord Lictalon if we could use one of his flying ships to get to our destination, and he agreed. We would be buccaneers of the blue skies, Pirates of the Prairies, Freebooters of the flowering forests.
er yeah flying ships would be grand.
Lictalon agreed and had it all sorted for us, we would leave on the morning tide, er winds.

Then Silent had another brilliant idea involving magic and trickery involving us wandering around that brain breaking crystal forest stuff so he could test quantum fourier transform algorithms to break the reality membrane barrier to get us to Llorn, and by the time I figured out what the hell he was talking about we were suddenly at Llorn, and all my buccaneering dreams came crashing to the ground, Which probably is probably better than actually crashing to the ground in a burning flying ship that isn’t flying anymore.

WE, being who we were finally got noticed by the guards and we were immediately escorted to the private study of Duke Vas Deferens and I had a little chuckle, he obviously doesn’t remember me from the indiscreet dalliance I had a few years ago with one of his cousins, but then to my surprise showed me that maybe a chicken can change its spots. A streak of nobility seemed to have appeared in him and He wanted to make up for the problems he had caused earlier and had gifts for us all. Well I’m open to bribes and other non-standard forms of persuasion but when I received my gift I started thinking that maybe he hadn’t forgotten after all. Lets just say if I find the male version of the gift he gave me it would likely be able to reproduce and then I’d have lots of sharp dangerous toothpicks with little hilts running around. From the other gifts given it looked as if the party was really impressed to the point that the Nameless One pulled out a smelly shirt with a skull on it and gave it to the Duke. Frankly I’m happy the Duke didn’t then hang us from his castle walls to punisher us. Instead he almost treated it like a revered relic and put it somewhere safe.

We then said our goodbyes and Silent used the Teleport scroll to get us to the Old Kingdom mountains, then used more magic to create magical horses that we then rode up to the valley lip, and below us was a magnificent wide open green valley with trees and farms and forests and rivers, which when I think about it is a little unusual as I thought we were high enough up to only really have snow and ice. Shows you what I know huh.

We then wandered into the valley and introduced ourselves to the natives in our normal way and got ready to fight, however that somehow didn’t happen. The Natives seemed to be elves with a guy turned into a golem who’s life was now hell and they invited us back to their camp so they could check us for being revolutionaries or something, when what we are is a whole lot worse. The whole thing would be hilarious except our new ‘friends’ were being deadly serious. I was sorta like, go on and check us out, and after you have run screaming I’ll take your boots, they are fur lined and look more comfortable then mine.
After some talking the Golem agreed to lead us to our destination.

Somehow I think this is only going to end with a bang and the valley sliding off the mountain.


The Gate by Christophe Vacher
Flying Ship from Atlantis- The Lost Tales from Cryoware
Mountains from Mountains of Travel Photos
Volcano from CNN


5 Responses to “The Buccaneers of the Sky

  • “all my buccaneering dreams came crashing to the ground, Which probably is probably better than actually crashing to the ground in a burning flying ship that isn’t flying anymore.”
    Love getting to know him better!

  • His log is a never ending innuendo, LOVE IT!

  • Poor Merkl, now he’ll never get to become a dashing sky pirate.

  • “…quantum fourier transform algorithms… quantum F’ing fourier transform algorithms..” Are you kidding me, haven’t heard that phrase since college. I betcha Ursus might understand it…maybe.

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