The Calling of Elves

The Elven Kingdom Rises


The strangest thing happened today! Eyes, and all but 3 of the Elves in the sailor, engineer, and marine corp (1 of each) on board all came to me and demanded we put to port as soon as possible. Attel also resisted, and tried to stop some of them, and received a beating before they were broken up. As we have only been to sea a few days, and have barely passed Haven, I told them I planned on reaching the Timiro before going to port. This sent all of them into a rage, with weapons pulled. I wish not for a mutiny, and we shall put to port in one of the small coastal towns in the East.

They have insisted of taking the Balls with them for some reason, but as I have never seen them used (and they are hardly beautiful ornamentation) I have agreed.

Do you have any explanation for such a strange event?

Worshipful yours,


Seeker of Isis

Please share this with all of the members of CrIsis as soon as you have read it. The Elf God Lictalon has called all of the Elves to him!! I know not for what purpose, and must immediately work upon it! Let your good captain know that my research for him on a path through the Sea of Despair, as this is much more pressing. It will be months before they reach the Western Empire, and this is happening now!

Thank Isis that I still wore my ring of the Defilers, for it glowed during the time of the call! I never heard it, but I talked to the four Elven monks here that withstood the call (out of 120! There was a ship waiting to take them to the mainland!)

The Elves that withstood told me that the calling was as follows, “Fellow Elves! We have too long watched as the humans have made the same mistakes of the past! Join me and recover our lost birthright! I, Lictalon, command you to join me and rebuild the Elven Kingdom! Grab and buy all our lost treasures, and join me!” The last comment explains the loss of books from the Library. ”Join me at any of our last 3 bastions- Sulestan, Renvin, or the Island of Phi. The Elven Kingdom shall be Reborn!”

I will let you know more when I can! I am also forwarding a letter from Terramore at his request, as he also saved!

May the Light protect you all!
Sent on the 30th of Majestic in the 72nd year of the Wolfen Empire.


Picture from Toni Justamante Jacobs


Dearest Malkin and CrIsis-

Please forward this to CrIsis, Malkin, as they must know I am willing to assist wherever needed! My songs may help protect them or their beloved Ship!

That was a momentous protective moment! All hail Isis! Today I heard the beckoning of the Elf God Lictalon, but thwarted it with song!

“Fellow Elves! We have too long watched as the humans have made the same mistakes of the past! Join me and recover our lost birthright! I, Lictalon, command you to join me and rebuild the Elven Kingdom! Grab and buy all our lost treasures, and join me!” “Join me at any of our last 3 bastions- Sulestan, Renvin, or the Island of Phi. The Elven Kingdom shall be Reborn!” That was the exact words of the call, but with praise to Isis, I prevailed!

This is a grave threat to our world! Let CrIsis know that I am willing to help them or their ship in protection from future calls!

Let me know how I can assist you!
Terramore Gleba

Written on the 30th of Majestic, in the 6th year of CrIsis.


Picture from Iron Realms.


Dear Grignak, Troll Priest of Bast

This was supposed to be a welcome letter, celebrating your joining the priesthood! Instead, it is a letter of warning, to you and all members of CrIsis.

The God Lictalon has returned, and has called all the Elves to him to reform the Elven Kingdom! We have lost many prominent elves! Luckily the 3 who you know personally, Azariel and his two advisors, Hasselthon and Fraevian, all resisted!

I will update you through Malkin once more is known, but I feel this is a dire occurrence!

Please be safe- May the Light of the Gods of Light protect you from all of this violence!


Picture from our own AZ Rune


Written by his holiness U’Selekma, Pontiff of the Church of Light and Dark, Holder of the Sacred Ankh, possessor of the Greyhound Head Staff of Ra, and wielder of the Sun Disk. Sent on the 30th of Majestic.


Dear Khonsu’s Reaper-

You seemed the most down-to-earth member of CrIsis currently, and I felt that as one “normal” to another I should write you with news, forwarded of course by his Holiness.

I have seen the Elven protectors of the Pyramids of Osiris walk out! Yes, the former members of CrIsis charged with protecting the Pyramids have left! Both Caminata and Ylren simply walked down the stairs!

The Sphinx protector with us let those of us remaining know of the Calling of Lictalon, but I am still incredulous! How could this get them to leave? Is Lictalon’s power greater than that of Osiris and Isis!?!

Worried about CrIsis! Know that I still stand true! I was honored to help you all recently, and stand at the ready to help in the future.

Your fellow believer! Stay Strong in the Light!



All of these letters were sent on the 30th of Majestic.


9 Responses to “The Calling of Elves

  • All the elves of the world are magically compelled to convene at those three cities? I hope Lictalon has taken his prep time to make them ready to receive so many visitors.

  • I don’t think this is the actual Lictalon of legend. He’s to angry, however, look up the term glamour and I feel we have found our true culprit.

  • I’m not convinced about Jareth… Who else but the immortal god-mage of legend could have the power to call and command an entire race to come to him. That’s a compulsion/ geas/ calling/ trance/ domination/ etcetera of some serious magnitude. Wasn’t he the ruler of Hades at one point? I seem to also remember Malkin keyed off of something we said to him, about Lictalon’s adopted daughter being an evil goddess… It’s possible that in the millennia since his legend faded into myth his true nature could have been obscured – perhaps on purpose? Who would really like the idea of an evil/selfish person being one of the ancient heroes? Is that the role-model you want to present to those you tell you tale to? Just some counterpoint/ food for thought.

    One way to possibly find out – ask Charolyn! Assuming she resisted the call herself…

    • Both Lictalon’s and Tolmet’s character pages have this note regarding Lictalon: “All the legends of his exploits, especially those in the Tristine Chronicles, describe him as good and noble. It is something of a mystery that the child most closely associated with him would be one of the most evil and notorious gods of the Palladium World.”

      That comment combined with this log (and there’s a case of several missing books about him and Tolmet, too) raises so many questions. Did raising Tolmet corrupt a good Lictalon to evil? Did something during the wars turn a good Lictalon evil (like backlash from sealing the Old Ones away, perhaps)? Was Lictalon always evil and his legend deliberately misconstrued?

      I live for this kind of stuff! What if the good and noble Lictalon had become corrupted to evil somehow by the end of the war? Was his legend recorded as he was in an effort to create a lasting reminder to the world of the man he used to be? Perhaps a desperate attempt to place reminders to him of the man he once was and they hoped he could become again? What damning or revealing information was contained in those seven missing books? Is this really just an elaborate smear campaign and complicated plot by the Goblin King?

      CrIsis of course has bigger fish to fry right now, but if “Lictalon” gets a piece of Osiris we’ll have plenty of reason to find out more!

      • Glad you like it Dream! He also was the God of Hades, as you pointed out- can you really imagine someone good running that place??

        • Actually, at this point if I was reading this it would be Epic. Really epic and I would pity the band of heroes because they are well and truly (censored). It finally feels just as (censored) as the real world I play RP games to escape from, if even for a few hours. At this point the character has hope it will all work out but I think this will end up a wasteland everyone will be rebuilding from the ashes.

          In that case we are not heroes.

          None of us.

          Just really talented survivors.

          Heroes save people, places, things.

          Survivors are just that.

          Not dead.

        • “And from the ashes of their world we’ll build a better one!”

          If the world is truly so seeped in evil and seemingly beyond the power of good beings to save, why not let it destroy itself and start over? Obviously that’s OOC entirely but it’s another way to look at it.

  • To turn a phrase I once used in another game; The spokes of the wheel keep multiplying, how are we going to break the wheel of evil if it has endless spokes to destroy?

    • We aren’t. That’s the thing. All these “problems” in the world exist to try and distract us and pull is from our mission. We must not waver! They seem urgent but will they truly not resolve themselves without us? Not all people are bad – give them a chance to handle their issues. If we’re really concerned but our mission won’t take is there then we should make it coear we aren’t coming. That way, the people waiting for us should stop waiting and start figuring it out themselves.

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