The Day CrIsis Met Their Match

To the greatest mentor, Philip,

If you are reading this then I regret to inform you of the death of CrIsis! Alas, fear not for we head off as a group to do battle with the betraying god, Anubis! Oh such peril we faced at the hands New CrIsis – or was it Junior CrIsis? Frankly, I am not sure they seem to have a hard time deciding on a name as we do where to go next. So strap on your wooden sword and dress your dog up to look like Ursus. For tales of high adventure and innocent sorcery abound!

The day is the 26th of Majestic and the Shield of Light had just docked at Haven. Oathkeeper was paying the dock fee to a poor fellow that had a very sour demeanor. Perhaps he should have been a gardener to be happy with his job? Any how Xerx’ses new paramour – Eyes was calling out for him to come back safely. The new Timirian crew was trying to figure out how he kept getting the attention of the most attractive women wherever he went. True enough though despite the sour dockmaster’s demeanor he dealt with Xerx’ses face to face without fleeing. Now cheers went up about our arrival, and a few boos from folks visiting from New Haven.

We began to make our way to see Bishop Rose when we had hit a road leading to one of the upper level roads the city is known for. Then from out of the bright, blue sky we heard the taunting with loud hissing!


We began to call out for Ratel, the worst Dyval-lord of all time to just show himself so we could shame him back to the Hells. We were stunned to see Xerx’ses fall and beg for mercy. Then Grignak got turned into a six inch version of himself and crushed beneath the boot of his foe! Soon we were all laid low by our adversaries! Our death was horrible!

Alas, there was the boy from the young lord whom had seen Xerx’ses at the Lopanic Games. The custom made Minotaur outfit he was wearing was very striking. His younger brother whom was the shortest wanted to be the tall one and was dressed up to resemble Grignak. They had dressed there dog up to resemble the Revenant of Khonsu, so hearing the “costumed bear” make “barking” sounds made all of us laugh mightily! The son of one of the undertakers had made a skull mask to honor the Reaper of Khonsu. The last boy was a farmer whom one day dreams of being a Priest of Light and helping to solve the world’s issues like – me?!? I think I understand how Xerx’ses gets dumbfounded during accolades all of a sudden. There was a girl present and she said she admired Caminata as a strong example of how women can be just as strong as boys. Then she whispered that this was her back up outfit because her Hannah wings were broken from the last time they played. Her mother would not let her play dress up as a Wolfen despite her awesome attempt at a Greldarr voice! She told Silent Dream that she’d find a way to get a costume of him as soon as she could make it!

That should put a smile on your face, a tale of death giving way to new life!

May the blessings of Isis be upon thee,

Indaris Excellar, Seeker of Isis,

Sent on the afternoon of the 26th of Majestic in the 4th Year of King Guy of Timiro. After introductions were done by Artorias whom had come from Haven.

Picture by our own AZ Rune. I know I took much liberty describing the kids but when I got the Chibi CrIsis picture I had to.

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