The Dickripper Rises

The group made their way up the elevator. They were greeted by two floozies. They immediately pounced and entangled their bodies upon the two northerners like vines latching onto a wall. They grasped upon any part they could reach. The group looked on trying to figure out what to do, but The Man grabbed his student and moved on while the others dealt with the ladies. Then it became clear what the women were up to. The stamps of metal boots could be heard approaching. Soldiers of the Dark arrived. The Man hurried back and warned the group. The women continued their stage acting. “Help we are under attack!” one yelled. The soldiers ignored them. Indaris taunted them, trying to goad a fight out of them. They did not budge from their goal. Was he really that dumb? We don’t need to fight if we don’t have to. Also just because they follow a different pantheon does not immediately sentence them to death. This group is strange, or is it me? Never the less they have done nothing wrong let them pass.

No sooner did the soldiers leave, then did some guards approach. They listened to the women and us. Artorias spoke out and revealed his past occupation. They were ready to listen but instead changed their minds and placed bags over the groups heads. All will to resist was lost and before we new it we were located in prison cells. They sucked the energy out of everyone except they forgot some key items that individuals had on them. Then they tookXerx’ses who appeared to be a shell of his former self. They tortured him while the rest of us escaped. The Man teleported locking mechanisms, Artorias ripped the door off its hinges, and Dream teleported out. Soon others followed suit, but alarms added to the pressure. The others fought off the eyes they discovered on the ceiling, while The Man snuck off in search for Xerx’ses. He didn’t have to go far to see him being escorted by Bes. Wait, what? That is right Bes was part of the group that captured the team. The Man ran back to tell the rest of the group only to witness a guard holding Artorias and Indaris. “Bes is coming!” he exclaimed. The group turned and faced the door as Bes, Xerx’ses, and Bes’ minions entered. He tried talking with the group, but was met with a door to the face by Artorias. The Man was proud of him. Bes swung at Artorias and missed. Then he swung a second time and killed Artorias. The Man flew into the god’s face in anger and began taunting him, but he did not budge. Xerx’ses then reached down and grasped the god’s dick. He began the pull. As he did Bes struck him hard, yet the damage was done! The Dickripper tore the dick off and a fountain of dick blood flowed onto Xerx’ses. It looked like he lapped it up like a kitten drinking milk. The god fell over dead.

With the dead god on the floor. The building began to collapse. Everyone ran. The guard carried two of our friends. We saw the entrance and rocks crushed around everyone. When the dust settled the guard holding our friends held out their pulpy bodies. “I’m sorry their dead. I tried.” he said. We looked around and there laid Tiny close to death. We gathered ourselves preparing for what was next.

Picture from Daisy’s Guide.

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