The Dwarf & The Minotaur, An Etrinan Story

Gracious and wise Rod Rambler, I do not have the right to ask so I beseech you to enjoy your impending retirement.

Most honorable, Elder Rostam Stonemace, Elder Xixin, Elder Laval’liere, and finally my sister, and my Queen – Disvanova,

I want to thank Pontiff U’selekma for delivering this missive. If my memory of the Books of CrIsis is accurate then Elder Rostam will have no issue reading the ancient Dwarven dialect I am using to reach out to you all with. Growing up in another world constantly being told about the world of your ancestors can create strange expectations. In my room in Congress, I had a table with a many tiered miniature of Fort Etrinan one of the Seed Libraries of the lost Prime Incunabula. I am hoping what this letter entails will have her send for the entire “bigature” if you will. so that when Osiris is Lord of the Underworld and Judge of the Dead once more. I may bring it to your people as a gesture of good will and accept me as a resident. Then, once more our peoples will walk the same halls and our rune weapons may share the tales and lore with all.

As I write this upon the 25th of Grekar, in the month of Apis the Nurturer. I am reminded of the fact we are a day out from Cynopolis. As a learned monk I have to acknowledge that I could die in these final two missions the same way your ancestors and mine stood to defend the library of the Fort. That battle didn’t go so well for them and I look to remedy that record going forward. Ever since I came home I have wanted to see Fort Etrinan and walk its halls. To your tribe I owe a debt of thanks I might never be able to repay. If you would let me I would spend my last days restoring Etrinan to what it once was. Perhaps, Elders, you might consider speaking with Queen Disvanova and Envoy Alloywin Earthseeker of Koris Gwaisol. Heck, I am not even sure if it is called a member state but perhaps we could begin reclaiming the Baalgor Wastelands and make it as safe as possible for future generations.

I’m aware the Timiro Kingdom acknowledged your sovereignty when you helped out with the ending of the last incursion by Ogres and Orcs. I am sure coming together to discuss joining Lictalon the Great in making sure a lasting peace for Palladium can be had for all. Whatever path you choose I hope you will allow me to gift you with my model of Fort Etrinan and allow me a small domicile among your people. Luckily, I am told that I am tiny and lightweight so I shouldn’t need much room, hahahaha! It is my hope the short joke made you smile as much as it did me.

Thank you for being one with the light and fighting for a better tomorrow,

Be well!

Prince Torrun Ithanson,
High Thane of the Dwarves

Sent upon the various dates; in the 2nd year of Koris Gwaisol.


Pictures from our own AZ Rune
Poem altered from ‘HERE’


9 Responses to “The Dwarf & The Minotaur, An Etrinan Story

  • A noble goal, reaching out to offer to live with and help them like that. But hasn’t the queen already said that after the quest he’s to return to her for proper “training?” I can’t help but view this log as an attempt to try and avoid that.

    • Shhh, don’t tell my sister!

      Out of Character: He’s trying to bring something useful to the table rather than just the name of the Nation. Before he goes home to learn statesman style things.

  • Can’t wait for his sister to get wind of this latest excursion into diplomacy….
    What I love about Torrun is his real effort to do Good…

  • I think his sister will be surprised and pleased at the efforts her brother is making.
    Good log sir.

  • Looking to life after CrIsis, as an Envoy or Ambassador, interesting choice as a Warrior. Also, Ursus says your welcome for the joke material.

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