The Final Countdown

We’re leaving together
But still it’s farewell
And maybe we’ll come back
To Palladium, who can tell?

Entry #283

Today was the 21st of Selestra. We have learned a lot since my last entry. Just in time before we head to Hades tomorrow! We…

…in the Pyramid at Mishala we encountered a Ramen named Ishmael. He was the son of Laladan – a long-time friend of CrIsis from days before I joined. He was able to answer some questions for us. From him we learned the following:

It is not safe for Demons with specific resistances it will be apparent what tactics will be worthwhile.

As we feared, Modius holds the final piece of Great Osiris. It is either with him or somewhere in his castle.

Our arrival in Hades will be to somewhere random. We cannot know where ahead of…

Sulyott was so patient with us! This is the aid he was able to give. I believe this was partly due to the gift he received from Wise Thoth:

Those of us with footwear which was not durable enough for Hades were provided heat-resistant boots.

Each of us was given a magical ring which could be activated once a day for six hours. When we put it on it projected a perfect illusion around us of being a Demon!

The heat would be more intense than anything we have experienced before. Immunity to fire would not protect against this heat. Those of us who needed it were provided a torc which would magically allow us to bear this heat for up to 6 hours a day.

Merkl received a great gift! He was gifted the fabled Ring of Ice and Fury.

Ursus was provided a different map of Hades than the one we had. With the two maps we had a good picture of the landscape of Hades.

Each of us was given 10 large coins called “Mods”. The picture of Modius was on the front of each.

Sulyott looked at the letter of vulnerabilities which Malkin provided us. He noticed a few beings missing.

    First were Demon Bats. They are weak to sunlight and holy water. They do not have good resistances versus magic or psychic powers.

    Second were Demon Flies. Sulyott warned us they were small like dragonflies. Very dangerous because they were such good spies. They are weak versus cold and ice. Seeing their reflections in mirrors would terrify them.

    Lastly were Taursus. They were described as big ugly demon centaur monsters. Their vulnerability was music.

Most importantly was that Sulyott told us how we would be able to return from Hades. He informed us that we must return to the exact spot where we arrive. Once there we have to put all our Eternal Torch Rings together and call out to Sulyott.

Once we finished this meeting with Sulyott we each prepared in our own ways for leaving tomorrow morning. I…

Note: These short excerpts are from Silent Dream’s journal. It was written in Elven on the 21st of Selestra, in the seventy-third year of the Great Wolfen Empire and the second year of the Kingdom of Koris Gwaisol.

Image Credits:
Sulyott: Previously credited
Demons: Palladium Books


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  • Thanks for a good recap of Suluott! At least you found the ring given to Merkl to be a great gift!

  • Ursus looks great as a Gallu.

  • LOL! Nice Pic. Great to see CrIsis looking like a bunch of demons.

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