The Last Letter to Mary

Dear Mary,

You may or may not know me but I know you. My name is HoneySuckle and like you I am a member of the Redbeard Clan. I am so sorry to tell you this but I thought that CrIsis would tell you this but… I really don’t know how to say this. Overkill died a hero.

I wish that this letter would have been under better circumstances. You might want to know there are more surprises in this letter than I want to reveal but the Captain Overkill made certain that there was 5 rules on board his ship and they are good rules to live by; rule three applies here; Come Clean. Overkill as you know was a real “character”and a dwarf among dwarves. He also couldn’t tell his butt from his brain when he got drunk with rosewood wine. The point I am trying to word as best as I can… Let me tell it in a story.

During the Lopanic Games, Overkill was missing you terribly and one night he got wasted on the wine but at the same time attempting to be a good guest. I didn’t want him to be alone and drank with him. We laughed and kidded around initially it was nothing serious. One thing led to the other… I.. There is more than one child of Overkill’s; yours… and mine. It wasn’t intentional I know that it was a mistake because when it was done before he passed out from the wine, he spoke your name. I thought he would love me but I see that his heat was always yours forever. You have blonde hair, don’t you? I could of guessed. So do I. It seems that Overkill had a type that he liked. Perhaps it reminded him of home (his sisters and mother are blondes).

I want to make this a letter of courage and honor. Overkill told me of the compound that he left you at in Yin Sloth. He told me that when he was done he was going to take you home to the rest of the Redbeard clan. He can’t do that now… but I can. I am going to finish my oath with Overkill and go back to Bizantium but I am not going without you. Please accept my deepest apology and know that I loved your husband as a friend. I could want to love you as a sister. You have family, Mary, lots of it. I heard of your loss in the Eastern Territories. Let me and my kin be your family. Let us be what makes you whole.

Pigeons have been sent to Bizantium (to Sinza Island) and a Clan Mother is going to send a message to this compound to order your release. Clan law states that no member of the clan may be held if the clan Lord or Lady orders it so. Most all of the Northern dwarves follow that code (primarily the Redbeard and Goldbeard clans) I hope that these clansmen also have that law and honor our request because girlfriend you should raise your children with family. Our Clan Mother will take us in both in and we will have family with fathers, mothers, aunts’ uncles and cousins…; my point is you have family in Sinza. They want you home. Please let this be your home. You have done things by yourself for so long; how about doing it with a friend.

I aim to remarry when we get home to Sinza (I married a fellow that was killed at sea) and forget all of this ever happened. I love the sea and it is my home so I aim to marry a clansman who is a sailor or fisherman and appreciates a blacksmith and inventor but what you do is your choice. I again plead with you to take my offer. You are perhaps the most precious of all dwarves in all the lands of Palladium. For your sacrifice you deserve rest; you deserve love; you deserve family. Come home to Sinza, to Minischmee, Christine with me.

Iron Forge Family
RedBeard Clan

Picture from Isaac Horn.


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