The Little Goblin’s Journal

Entry #123 CONTINUED

The Goblin King decided today was the day he would exact his revenge on Xerx’ses. We had 13 hours to rescue his child and Ursus‘ children. This was quickly reduced as we responded to Jar’Eth’s statement. We stopped talking to him and headed towards the Labyrinth.

For clarification I must say Jar’Eth is not my King. We people of the Wolfen Empire have no king.

Where we stood we could overlook the Labyrinth. I tried to memorize its layout as we approached. But the walls and layout kept shifting whenever I looked away. We tried to talk with Xerx’ses but he was so aloof and distant to us. Xerx’ses was able to explain to us that The Nameless Man would no longer be with CrIsis. Willy is his replacement. I regret I was unable to say “goodbye” and wish him well. I hope we can meet again.

Ursus tried to pound down the door which served as the entrance to the Labyrinth. Instead he became magically transformed into a half-horse, half-bear creature. A few other unsuccessful attempts were made to open the door to no avail. I tried something ludicrous. I asked nicely. “May we please enter?” I asked that out loud in front of the door. The door itself answered “Yes.” Then the door moved out of our way. We entered.

Entry #124

I tried to meditate in order to restore some of my mental energy. Merkl agreed to keep me with the group while I entered a deep meditative trance. But for some reason I could not recover any energy! Even worse, one of the traps we sprung along the way shaved my head and gave me a mohawk haircut. Very strange. So strange that Xerx’ses didn’t even recognize me anymore! Thankfully I was able to convince him I was still Silent Dream.

This haircut must be really jarring. Everyone in CrIsis keeps looking at me as if they’ve never seen their Goblin friend before. I think this place may just be rattling all of us.

Entry #125

Xerx’ses is no longer leading our group through the labyrinth. Willy and I are. This is partly because Willy is knowledgeable in finding traps. It is also partly because Xerx’ses nearly killed a Dwarf named Hoggle who was being mischievously unhelpful. Xerx’ses used to be a leader among CrIsis. This whole affair has him unhinged. I wish I could blame him.

Meanwhile, Ursus is being calmer than usual. The exact opposite of what I expected. I fear he may be an explosion of anger just waiting to happen. I hope I’m not in his way when that occurs.

The Goddess Bennu gifted us a torch before we arrived. Grignak has been holding it aloft for us. It dispelled many illusions along our way. But Her power finally failed when he tried to use the torch to physically dispel a magical trap. Luckily triggering that trap didn’t seem to affect me in any way. Thankfully we also have a dagger blessed with Bennu’s power. It shines less brightly so I’m holding it as I walk with Willy. This way it will help him spot the traps Jar’Eth has placed to slow us down.

The hours tick away. Are we making progress?

Entry #125

We have rescued two allies from Jar’Eth’s magic. Acon and Iana. They were very happy to see us.

I received a sudden vision. It served to warn us about magical baubles Jar’Eth sent after us. Just in time.

Willy played some music. Somehow it made a Goblin we encountered float away up in the air. The Goblin was revealed to be another ally of CrIsis. I tried to pull him down but all I could do was slow his ascent. We then encountered a trap which flung us all into a swamp. I fear Zat may have perished by breaching the ceiling of the Labyrinth.

This swamp stinks really badly. I spent my whole life wishing to be like the Kankoran who took me in. Today for the first time I was glad not to have their sense of smell.

Entry #126

The Dwarf Hoggle was giant-sized and waiting for us in the swamp. Xerx’ses enchanted flying platforms for us to ride on and we evaded him. I trapped the bird-monster which Jar’Eth threatened us with in a stream of the putrid swamp long enough for us to navigate out of that area. A deceptively adorable guardian tried to stop us from leaving. Xerx’ses put him and his mount to sleep. To make sure he wouldn’t follow us I gave him a memory of defeating us. I hated to do that but it seemed a kinder thing than fighting him.

Entry #127

I learned something about myself I never knew before now: I hate riddles.

Entry #128

We have reached the final confrontation with Jar’Eth. It’s time to get Xerx’ses and Ursus’ children back.

Note: These are excerpts from Silent Dream’s second journal. They were written in Elven sometime after the 25th of Pegasus, in the seventy-second year of the Great Wolfen Empire and the first year of the New Elven Kingdom, Koris Gwaisol.

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7 Responses to “The Little Goblin’s Journal

  • I never heard of Zat nor remember anything about him from the game. I don’t care enough to hunt it down in the video but the memory just ins’t there.

    • No one ever met Zat- he was referred to a long time ago when Gavin and Overkill were still around, but never introduced.

  • This whole log is a disordered mess, I should’ve reviewed it more closely against my game notes.

  • The “Disorder mess” fits with what is going on right now. Also, I love how he has adopted the Goblin persona as though he always was a Goblin.

    • Yes – writing this as if he’s always been a goblin was a deliberate style choice and probably not the result of multiple failed saves vs magic…

  • Disordered mess should be CrIsis new name

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