The Man, The Myth, The Legend

Willy sat on the boat watching the waves roll by. He was waiting for Black Thunder to try on his gear. Eventually he hears a  squawk from behind. There stands a sheepish eagle wearing some modified goggles, a flight cap, and a scarf. “No you don’t look silly! And no it definitely does not make you look fat.” Will replies. This seems to put the eagle at ease as he puffs out his chest. He is ready for his first flight ever as a passenger. Willy pulls down his goggles and dons his matching flight gear. Together they walk towards the Garuda. As they strap in the bid farewell to the crew for a few days as they fly out ahead of the ship to meet with Willy’s family still near Caer Itom. They take off. Black Thunder gets nervous and tries to take off in his own flight, but Willy holds his wing and tells him everything will be fine. They fly together. It was a fun unique experience. Bilby was tied down to the saddle due to his inexperience.

Willy’s mother had made camp with her children just outside of Caer Itom per Willy’s request via eagle. They were getting antsy and began packing up in doubt of his arrival. Maybe he was killed in battle.  The sky suddenly grew dark as a massive figure blotted out the sun. The gnomes huddled together for protection. Then the eldest sister broke the silence, “Is that who I….” She trails off momentarily, “Whelp we’re %*#$ed! So much for a savior of our people.” The Garuda landed and they all rushed over. Everyone was shocked and surprised the legend was coming true. But could he truly be the hero they never knew they needed. He was one of them the whole time. After flying the entire family around, Willy, Black Thunder, and Bilby made camp with their family and spent one last good night together. At least before he defended to Hades. If Willy was to die he wrote in his will that he will bequest Bilby to Black Thunder as an indentured servant. Until he has repaid the capital punishment for stealing the last cream puff.

His mother and family hurry home and spread word of the legend coming true. The gnomish army gathers in preparation. The pilgrimage has begun!

Picture from Wikipedia – Eclipse 2017.


11 Responses to “The Man, The Myth, The Legend

  • Here comes the Gnomish Army! Run!!

  • Crivens
    “Whut’s the plan, Rob?” said one of them.
    “OK lads, this is what we’ll do. As soon as we see somethin’, we’ll attack it. Right?”
    The best plans are the simplest ones …”

  • Poor Bilby, will he never catch a break? Forever under the shadow of his Brother

  • They would be just as worried had this been Tyvernos, he’s in good company!

  • If the savior is the one who rides the Garuda, technically the whole family could be the savior now, right? I have my money on it being Bilby.

    • Give some odds on that, I may put money on it.

    • Bilby is at least guaranteed survival in Hades….

      • Blan B for leaving Hades is Bilby swooping down on us while a riding the Garuda. He lands the bird in front of us and …

        SCENE OPTION #1: …leans over with an arm stretched out towards us to help us up. In an accented voice says “Come with me if you want to live.”

        SCENE OPTION #2: …he looks down at the Garuda beneath him. In a deadpan voice he says “Lets go. This place…” He looks up and puts on a pair of sunglasses. “…is for the birds.” In the background we hear “YEEEEAAAAAAAAHH

        • Option 3- Go now- leave Willy, he will cover your escape!

  • Go Willy! Go Gnomes!

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