The Monsters Among Us

Part One

To Father Phillip

If you haven’t heard the news yet I have quit CrIsis, Its the hardest thing I ever had to do but I couldn’t stand by and just watch evil grow in the party, and as I can’t fight No Name, and the rest of the party seemed happy for him to head down necromancer road like Steve I just couldn’t take it anymore. All it takes for evil to spread is for good people to turn the other cheek, and all the rest of CrIsis did so. I cannot blame the new guy – Torrun as he had literally just turned up, but the other Priest of the party condoned that, as well as the Kankoran. I can understand Ursus not really grasping the idea as I think he thinks its just mobile food, and No Name obviously thinks its a good idea as he is the one who is now a practicing necromancer, but the other 2 surprised me and even tried to make excuses for him. The next time No Name is in Sekti Abtu you might want to Exorcise him, just to make sure. The other reason why I’m leaving I’m retiring as a Priest. Having been told the summoning demons was OK, and now the Gods of Ligh think necromancy is ok and that just doesn’t sit well with me at all, in fact its enough for a man to question his faith, not to mention the zero trust the party has in me. If I sat you down and gave you the following options who would you believe.

Question: Is necromancy OK

A. Werebear: Yep its tasty
B. Shaman: There’s a problem with necromancy? really? as long as he don’t do no humans, er intelligent beings its fine.
C. Psionicist: If there is a problem with it I’m not going to speak out against it
E. Death Knight/Necromancer: Yep, no problems here, move along, nothing to see here, move along.
F. A Fighter maybe: Just appeared and the urge to not join the fight is stronger then his aversion to Necromancy.
G. Priest: Necromancy is done by evil for evil. No good person should condone its use in any fashion.

Apparently Crisis believes ABCDEF, rather than the specialist who fights necromancy as part of his job description.

So I don’t really blame No Name, but more the rest of Crisis for not helping him in his time of need and since the gods haven’t punished them in any way and it seems that the gods are still with them it must be that I am wrong (apparently the gods only punish you if you don’t give them lots of money). Thus I have given my holy symbol to Ursus, and am heading home. I wish them good luck in their Journeys but I cannot be with them any longer, and I bet that having a Crisis member leave over this won’t change their minds at all, or even make them think about it longer. Hopefully Grignak will be believed when he tells them of certain evil, but I wouldn’t hold my breath.

I am currently waiting in the Sekti Abtu receiving room, and as soon as the guards let me out Im heading to port to catch a boat south, and if they don’t let me do that Ill head off by foot. I will drop in and see you one more time at least but for the moment the less I have to do with the gods the better, as I think I will lose my temper and tell them what I really think, and I took to heart your lesson about not talking in anger, as it never usually ends well.

This is probably going to be best brought to Nara’s attention by me, so I really want to talk to her face to face about it rather then send a pigeon, so can you try to keep this from her until I get there.

I never really thought that this would happen, but with Xerx’ses passing this is just the final straw, maybe if more time had passed before No Name started his necromancy I might have been able to swallow it, but I still doubt it.

Sent to Father Phillip on a lost and lonely evening by

Indaris, the Seeker of Light

Part One


13 Responses to “The Monsters Among Us

  • For Dream that encounter literally became a situation of “Who do you choose to believe? No Name, who is your friend, or Indaris, who has always been detached and distant?” Ultimately dream decided he could help No Name best by believing in him. That it was a final straw for Indaris is sad, but the only regret Dream has here is that he was forced to have to choose between the two of them.

    I don’t disagree with Indaris in his observations and opinions of how the Gods seemingly believe that “the ends justifies the means” in this quest. But then I remember that it all started as an act of revenge and it makes more sense. I hope Indaris can find peace.

    • to quote albus Dumbledore
      it takes strength to stand up to your enemies, but even greater strength to stand up to your friends. Does silent think necromancy on animals is evil. if yes what damage could using it be doing to noname

      • This situation is so much more complex than the rest of CrIsis realizes. It’s a delicate situation that requires subtlety and finesse – something which the “bulls in a china shop” who are CrIsis lack. Dream would have loved to have had this conversation actually with Indaris, so we could have taken it further. He could have gained a new understanding of Dream, and some things about No Name might have been revealed if Dream thought it would keep Indaris from leaving.

        I wish a lot of things had gone differently last game. But we move ever forward. Now Dream has the new guys accusing him of complacency with evil and failing to do the right thing, when both couldn’t be farther from the truth! Meanwhile Dream is reeling from this clash of his ideals (not forcing his will/powers on others), morals (principled alignment), fears (of losing the trust of his allies), and loyalties (having No Name’s confidence and being his friend). He could’ve really used a priest to talk to upon CrIsis’ return to the Jorruth.

        • I must say it did seem to indaris that everyoneone was happy to put up with necromancy. a good priest hanging around a practicing necromancer can lose his powers just like if he deals with demons, not that that is what indaris thought. He just knows in his heart that its evil, and if the party wasn’t going to do anything about it when he wss just ztarting why would they do anything about it later. Nobody mentioned there was anything else involved zo as far as the party was concerned evil is fine and there wasn’t any good people left to stand up against it, and if Isis had come to him and said necromancy is fine he would have laughed at the demon taking her form and hit her with oathbringer. That would have been interesting to see. but indaris also knew that priests can get a little fervent and hoped he wasn’t that priest. but mostly it was vecause no one else wanted to stand up against obvious evil. Going other places wouldn’t change that crisis was happy to have true evil in the party. before that nonames deeds were a lot more good then bad so he let him be even after the murder of an unarmed prisoner, but after that indaris didn’t r es ally trust noname.

          and as to I daris being distant to sjlent he was djstant to everyone but xerx, as everyone was just going to die so no point getting to know them, and no one really tried to get past that.

          oh and merkl doesn’t think you are complacent. he hust thinks it odd that mind controlling someone is worse then chopping someones head off. as far as he is oncerned death is the ultimate freedom remover, and if silent is up to conversations like that there will be wine and talk into many wee hours. hes not so concerned about good and evil but action and consequence. if you zteal from a rich guy he will live through it. if you steal all the food from a poor family you deserve a kickin

          • Those conversations will be interesting.

  • Torrun: I love stew, steer the pot, I mean stir. Mmmmm, smells good.

    • merkl is happy he doesn’t have to cook

  • I am more than willing to except some responsibility here as I pushed things to move on perhaps too quickly.
    I hope that the current incarnation of CrIsis will get along better than the past

  • I will counter the perceived response of Ursus: He vehemently denounced No Name’s actions, openly & publicly (in front of CrIsis). Even trying to use No Name’s own child as a counter to his actions. Ursus was just “out-logiced” by No Name. (I had to play my character) Ursus was very much against raising the dead, no matter the circumstances.

    • I agree. No Name is the expert in CrIsis on souls, redemption, and undead. Who was Silent Dream to keep questioning what No Name said to justify his actions? At least it’s over now, it seems.

      • A dread knight is the expert in souls, redemption and undead? Maybe on the dark side of the coin. Most people would say that’s the purview of a priest.

        Lets go to a Priest to redeem myself and save my soul from the undead
        Lets go to a Dread Knight to redeem myself and save my soul from the undead

        I cant say I have *ever* heard someone say that about a Dread Knight before.

        • ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ That was how Dream saw it.

  • Indaris’s response would be words vs actions, I actually thought you might of had him, but it didn’t work out. But mostly Indaris went by what you actually did, you didn’t stand up for what you believed in, that’s why Indaris left, he would have just been butting heads, and im happier that way myself. There are just some things a good priest shouldn’t do. Mingle with demon summoners and necromancers are really high at the top of that list. It would be like Ursus hanging around a party made of werecreature hunters who are wearing trophies on their belts. It just wouldn’t work.

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