The Prayer

Back on my Feet Again


We finally got to the island of Enry and the town of Port Miro and met with Bishop Tutu. It was not without recourse of course. When we first arrived at the island, at the Port of Truth we discovered that the people have a thing for Thoth; they hate him. It’s a good thing that I didn’t mention that I worship the god. Kind of weird as my religion has become some what expanded. I now pay homage to three gods; Isis, Thoth and Osiris. At any rate that is beside the point.

The whole reason why we even went to the island in the first place was to exile the dark god Anubis from Cava. Long story short, one of our team has a bit of a problem because he was ‘donated’ to be the vessel of the dark god; the eyes and ears for when he wanted to watch us. Thank the gods we had the bishop to help us on this endeavor. Twelve long hours we worked on the exorcism (as near as I can tell that’s what best to be explained happened). The conditions were harsh and Cava fought us tooth and nail. It was a good thing that the bishop blessed the room so it was not unbearable. I had never experienced such power and when the fragment of the god was expelled I was just glad that it didn’t find a new host.

At any rate, when it was all over and wounds were healed, we headed to the island where the Furry Dragon lived. Mary, I decided, needed to stay behind. The bishop offered to keep her safe until we returned. He also made an offer that he would take Mary to Northolme (under kingdom of the Dwarves) when we got back and that he would join us on our adventure. I sense that he really cares for her well being that I trust that he will see her safely there.

We have wrestled with lizards of the deep, you and me, but I shall never be truly prepared by the awesome power that the dragon has (or any god for that matter). When we got to the island we discovered that the beast had a nest on the very highest point on the island. So after scaling the walls and using a makeshift raft into a nest of pikes (for protection) we searched for the beast. Our understanding was that the beast was an ancient dragon the deadliest of all dragons. In stead of finding a ancient we found a hatchling being attacked by harpies. I was certain that this was not our target but some of the group wanted to save it as a bargaining chip that we could use (possibly). After the rescue the mother showed up. Some words were exchanged and I thought that the issue was over. Our bargaining chip was not to be but the priest of ours kept pushing the dragon for answers after the exchange and get this when the dragon showed its might and annoyance, the priest just yawned in its direction. This angered the beast so bad that it crushed the priest under its foot.

The shock and horror caused us to all slowly spring into action (after all the priest had it coming). During the fight I got under the belly of the beast to attack its soft underbelly, unfortunately I to, was crushed by its sheer weight. How is it that I am writing this, you ask? To answer this I am going to use the account that I asked Mary to write.

(Translated from Dwarven)

I, Mary, make an account of the events that transpired from the time that my beloved O-Key left to the time that he was resurrected.

When the men returned, they returned with Overkill’s body wrapped in the flag of the Redbeard. His body was bust and broken and the red flag did two things for him, prevented from showing me all that his body had been through and kept his remains together. I knew that it took two days to get back so I was not sure that I would be free and that I was to free to bury him and give him a warriors funeral (by fire as Aco would have us do).

Bless that kind bishop, Tutu who gave me words of encouragement. He told me that there was a slim chance that Overkill could be resurrected. I had never witnessed one as Aco doesn’t normally do that sort of thing and I didn’t want to give my hopes up. So I turned to the bishop and asked that he direct me to the nearest church of light so I might pray. Isis is not my god. I was certain though that Isis would hear me if I begged and pleaded with her in behalf of one who was doing her errand. I made promises with the god to convert if she saved my man. It was during my prayer to the god with fervency to the point of tears, that I heard a whisper “He lives”.

At first I thought it was the bishop but as I turned around, no one was there. I asked a passing acolyte if she had spoke but she just shook her head. I took to the home of the bishop where I knew that Overkill’s body lay and politely knocked on the door. Rell answered the door. His excitement and smile was all the answer I needed. He escorted me to my beloved. When I arrived, I went to give him a hug and smother him with kisses, but the sweet bishop asked that I keep that to a minimum as “Master Red Dwarf has been through a lot and still needs to heal” said he.

I am reluctant to leave the sailor as I know now that there is danger out there that could stunt his return. I will have to think about weather or not to go to North Holme.

Mary Von Lorde

There you have it. I am alive. I have to say that there was a time when I was dead that I saw the god Isis. She saw my disappointment in myself as only a few days before I had sworn to never give up or surrender and for a time died because of that oath. She told me that someone is praying for me. I summed that it was the bishop as Mary and I hadn’t originally shared the same faith. Who would have thought that it was because of the faith of several people that the old dwarf and the priest is alive.

Posted by Overkill on the 17th of Corg, in the 22nd year of King Bafag.

Picture from Fallout 3.

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  • It is always good to have another praying on your behalf. Nice to See Mary converted. I know of another current CrIsis Member that hopes his Beloved will consider converting.

  • Maybe you should mention that to Malkin….

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