The Skein Of Fate’s Tapestry

Envoy Alloywin Earthseeker,

My good man I was wondering if you preferred “Envoy” or “Ambassador” since both fit the role in which you serve, Lord Lictalon. Please tell his lordship we are in the valley upon the top of the mountain spine known as “Lictalon’s Scar”. We are within the boundaries of the Crystal Kingdom.

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Now that we understand how Tolmet was able to use the Kidney of Osiris with the power of one god to block the power of another. It’s also clear that the accord reached in signing the Agreement was something along the lines of they let him have his floating castle in the sky back if he helps us get to the piece so Osiris can be restored. I am not sure how much of this you knew and even if you knew all of it I am not upset because it was not your place to reveal this to us. Lord Lictalon is from another time and should this have been discovered no one wants the Dark to acquire such a wonder and use it as a weapon. However, “CrIsis”, absolutely sees it for the weapon it can be. I, however, know very well people fear what they do not directly control. Please assure your lord that we are still moving forward with the plan. Trust must be earned and sometimes it has to be given. I am choosing to believe he will use this ancient wonder with benevolence and wisdom. I look forward to the days of peace that I can raise a family in so the House of Ithan might continue. Please don’t tell my sister I wrote something so responsible!

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While you serve as Lord Lictalon’s trade “envoy”, let it be known I do not “envy” your tasks. I am sure there was some concern when we disappeared from Renvin back on the 29th of Ra in your Crystal Garden. It appears another Crystal Garden exists and if you find the right path you may travel back and forth twixt them. What appeared nearly instantaneous though had us arriving upon the 1st of Thoth in Llorn! While this may speed up trade talks for you, I also mention it as a border security issue. It would seem a “horned bird” had informed his grace, Duke Githeon VasPasseon, of our impending arrival. Each of us look so out of place standing next to each other.


There was enough of a royal welcome I instinctively put my crown upon my brow. The stares we all drew might have unnerved the rest but growing up a member of a royal family this was just every feast or social event for decades of my life. While I walked to the Ducal Seat of the Duchy of Llorn I looked at its people. There were some Ogres working with Humans near the castle. They were decked in red uniforms and most of the heavy armor was panited red as well. I can only make the logical leap those were a small glimpse at not just the Llornian Red Brigade, but one of the “Earthshakers” I learned about from studying the Books of CrIsis. I did notice that for a city having suffered under the yolk of a former possessed ruler life did not look as bleak as what became visible to me glancing between the throngs of onlookers and those gawking.

The poor Duke was trying to pass off his altered voice as the result of a broken nose but I think he was just worried if he had said he was sick a stream of advisors – working within his best interest – would have sequestered him in bed and he would miss his chance to meet us personally. Despite the nasally whine of his sore throat the Duke was gracious and gallant. When this quest is over I am coming back here to see about the farmland nearby. You see while most of CrIsis was paying attention to matters of state, as my sister can attest I was looking at clouds, checking plants I could see to tell me how far north I was. Figuring out the heat, moisture, and how much effort it would be to start a farm here. Then I could go to the orphanages and get those kids to old to adopt and give them a home and trade. I always had it easy but my first girlfriend had to work for everything she had. Even at peace dating outside one’s social standing raises eyebrows among the United Congress of the Compound. No one cared that I dated an elf, it was that she was poor which bothered some. Those tossers can spin for all I care she even became a mayor of one of the towns in the dimension I was raised in!

Both Ursus and myself received a Ring of Life Protection. It would grant significant protection against magic that causes death! I am sure someone else will list everything else the others got for our beloved scholar to chronicle. Far be it from me to be a repetitive ninny taking up his busy time and schedule. Finally, a feat was mentioned and I thought about the last dinner I had with Mary and little Izulkral. Regardless of the rift created by Wrunella Honeysuckle ‘ekun of Clan Goldenbeard. I know I need to check in on her condition and Izulkral’s half-sibling. When I opted to pay attention once more I heard our Troll mention something about getting into the Valley of the Crystal Kingdom. After handing over the tea I mentioned earlier I explained what I thought we would have to do to get the Troll and Silent Dream into the valley disguised as either a Dwarf or an Elf. Given what I had read about Humans helping the Elves in the ancient times I decided that No Name and Ursus would be okay in there human forms if they just stayed quiet and didn’t say much.

The Sex Troll – let that sink in a bit – began a ritual to beseech the heavens for such a magical transformation. Now it was stupid of me to think that such a creature would not default to what he had been trained to do. So the ritual became an orgy, and Llorn could now count itself among the list of towns our band had instigated such an affair. Now to the Troll’s credit he succeeded and the fox became a Dwarf and the Troll became an ugly Elf. The following day we teleported and through use of a spectral horse we gained access over the spine of Lictalon’s Scar and we are now in the Valley of the Crystal Kingdom.

Such a strange weave my life’s skein has taken.
Well take care my good man,
Torrun, Prince of the Dwarves


Written in ancient Elven dialect matching the “Pre” Elf-Dwarf Wars tongue, sent upon the 6th of Thoth; in 1st year in Koris Gwaisol – the Ælf Kingdom.


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  • “…and Llorn could now count itself among the list of towns our band had instigated such an affair.” I feel like this list isn’t actually all that long (yet), making this perhaps a prestigious honor.

    • Folks will continue to use it as a moniker for their cities and towns. As long as it draws more to there wares.

  • Now that he’s engaged, Torrun feels as though there must be a less whoring way to honor Bast. He sees orgies as a group of people that can’t make up their mind about whom to hook up with.

  • “the Duke was gracious and gallant” My work is done here.

  • Love the Alloywin picture as well.

  • We may have found another “civilized” voice for CrIsis. Being Royalty helps I’m sure.

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