The Struggle of Panath

Planning an Assassination of CrIsis

Malkin settles in for his nighttime tea, exhausted from yet another day of researching Hades when the now familiar feeling of a vision coming in hits him.

“Not again!” he exclaims.

“What do you mean you did not feel it was appropriate to attack them in Whitewater?” a thin, lithe old elf in black questions angrily.

“The Wolfen there seemed to be almost worshipful of CrIsis, and we were afraid we would be overrun! The Dwarf was especially held in high regard, as he had won an axe throwing contest, something unheard of in the land of the Two Axe Tribe,” responds a human with abnormally large forearms.

“There was a tournament, and yet you did not strike? Plenty of opportunity to fade into the crowds, yet you passed on your opportunity? We are assassins of Panath, capable of striking anywhere and fading into the background! What were you waiting for, CrIsis to lie down in front of you exposing their necks? Disgusting! You will succeed on your next try, and I will personally join you. Tell me you at least know where they are bound!”

“Yes my lord, they are going to Mez’fii Onh. We expertly plied some of the crew of their ship with alcohol, of course adding the requisite drugs to loosen their tongues and tell truths.”

“At least you did one thing right! Perfect, Mez’fii Onh is a mess with all of the refugees, caused by CrIsis destroying the log Sovereignty of Terosh.” He chuckles evilly. “They will find far fewer fans there.”

The man chuckles along with his leader. “Panath will surely gain many followers when CrIsis is defeated! I will gather the strongest crew, for surely with your “Blessing” we shall succeed!”

“Yes, there will be no mistakes now, for Panath will rise as the greatest God in all Palladium! CrIsis will pay for making the Pantheon of Rurga suffer!

Malkin sighs, exhausted, tea cold once again.
“Well, I guess it is time to send them a message. I wish the great Gods of Light would send them the visions directly. May the Light protect them all from this attack.”

Vision seen by Malkin on the 4th of Od in the 72nd year of the Wolfen Empire..


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