The Unexpected Joy of Writing Home!

Reader’s Note: The following is a series of verbal messages sent by Silent Dream to his village.

Red Snow! I almost didn’t believe it when I received your letter! Ever since I left I’ve missed you all terribly. I never thought I would hear from you again.
Great Apis, the Mother of Nature, personally chose me to become a member of CrIsis. As to how I am alive… You know me better than that. I’m no child!
CrIsis must stay dedicated to our Gods-given mission. Since joining them, however, I’ve noticed how much they care for everyone. They would never intentionally turn their backs on anybody.
I can’t speak for all of CrIsis… but I think what happened in the war confused and hurt them deeply. It’s tough to chose a side when your friends fight.
You know how I felt about the war. It’s what caused me to leave the village. But now the war’s over and the Empire has offered friendship to CrIsis again.
I believe in this peace. I will never willingly do anything that jeopardizes it. That’s why right now we’re in the Eastern Territories – fighting undead, helping to save the Humans…
…and also the world. The path CrIsis follows isn’t easy. It’s fraught with peril and misunderstanding. I hope, but don’t know if it’ll lead us to the village anytime soon.
I thank Great Apis for that book reaching the village. Give my best to Night Rain, Mountain Shadow, Runs With Wolves, River Bend, all the others, and of course you.

Note: These messages were composed verbally in Wolfen and sent via Magic Pigeons on the 28th day of Majestic, in the seventy-second year of the Great Wolfen Empire.

Image Credits:
Enchanted Forest: FlorentCourty


6 Responses to “The Unexpected Joy of Writing Home!

  • I can picture Silent Dream standing in front of Xerx’ses as he does the spells and pauses him when the limit is hit each time. Then tells him to continue, that is a funny picture indeed! This is a wonderful log!

    • I thought it would be a nice little break from the heavy subject matter of late.

  • Love the image of the pigeons, Xerx, and Dream… Runs with Wolves? Definitely now have to have a human named Costner… maybe an elf…

    • Making a new character/N.P.C. who is an Elf seems counter-intuitive at this juncture of the game…

      • All the more reason to, someone who resisted the Calling!

  • Reaching out to friends and comrades is a good way to spread the GOOD CrIsis is doing in the name of the Gods and for them, while we will still have our detractors, this might help persuade folks to at a minimum not HATE Crisis out right.

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