The Western Empire Wants YOU!

People of the Western Empire stand proud for your country, for it is a great an honorable country. Your land is filled with fertile soils and natural wonders. Your children grow strong and work the land your fathers worked. Your work ethic is matched by no one. You love with more passion than worshipers of Bast. You are an honorable people. Each man and woman protects his fellow man. Your country needs you now! Your Emperor needs you! Emperor Itomas is an strong and wise leader. He shall lead our country to greatness once again. With his guidance our foes shall be crushed and run from these lands. The traitors will be marked and shame shall follow them for all of their days! Do not fall prey to the lies of the traitors lead by the deceitful witch. Do your part and bring our country together. Let’s us clean up this mess that we may once again stand tall as the beacon for all others that inhabit this world.
Serve your country with might!
Serve your country with mind!
Serve your country with everything!


Picture from Uncle Sam Wikipedia.


6 Responses to “The Western Empire Wants YOU!

  • No Name wants you for a new recruit. >.>

  • Love the out of the box log!

  • That’s some hard-core blind patriotism right there. How does he know he’s supporting the right side?

    • Of course he is on the right side! !believe

  • OK SIGN ME UP! NOW! I AM READY TO KILL FOR MY COUNTRY! Oh, wait, sorry, got caught up in the rhetoric, tehe.


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