The Life and teachings of Lord & King Ursus Monstrum Actos


The following excerpts are taken from the Word of Ursus. Which were written by the Disciples of Ursus.


Book of Inception


Lo, in the beginning, Dwarves and Elves had despite for all and most importantly each other. The wars did wage for decades and centuries. It became necessary to create more fodder for the battles. Thus the inception was upon the realm. Beasts of magic would be brought forth to fight. Tho’ first they were simple and easily absorbed the onslaught of the battles, hardier beasts were required. Thus Shock troops were devised. Those that could stroll right into a town unnoticed under the guise of humanity, then at night wreak havoc on the target. The most deadly of the forest and jungles would be the basis and the prime ingredient. The concept was to introduce humanity to temper the beast. The irony, in the end, was that the beastly actually tempered the human.


Book of Darkness


The wars and shock troops had taken such a dramatic toll, that both Dwarf & Elf alike realized that neither would survive. Treatise was proposed and excepted. The agreed concession for both was the complete destruction of all the Beasts of the moon and any research that was completed. The destruction was relentless and almost complete genocide. The creators had thought they designed impotence and barrenness into there beasts. This lead to the just a few escaping destruction. However, nature always finds a way and these heinous monsters hid and began to reproduce. The numbers were low and they were able to remain hidden for centuries. The numbers eventually became to large for them to go unnoticed; however, by this time they had grown much stronger than the original designs had allowed. Nature always finds a way.


Book of Anti-Beasts


While most followed the agreement to the letter, some of much lesser morality deemed that the project should have been continued. These folk tried to re-create the experiment; however, the methods were flawed and something much worse was derived. The best description actually comes from another realm: Retro-Virus. This innocuous thing was rife with evil. The creatures only change on full moons and were completely uncontrollable. Instead of the tempering of animal or human it intensified the worse of both thus was born the Lycanthrope. A disease ridden creature that can only spawn through biting and passing saliva into the blood of its victim. Ironically, this retro-virus did one thing right, it made the host truly and completely impotent or barren, completely unable to bear children.


Book of CrIsis


Werebeasts and Lycans were often lumped together and all were thought to be evil beasts of pure and utter destruction. This was not the truth by any means. The most highly noted story was the path of Ursus Actos. Having saved a small Eoten village, through not destroying them himself and by destroying interlopers that had set siege upon the village, One God in particular took notice. Khonsu decided then and there with this small act of a forgotten warrior race that he would join in the rebuilding of his Lord and use this Beast as his Champion.


Most of the current CrIsis members were somewhat unimpressed when this naked, dirty, smelly human first appeared amongst there ranks. Lo, what surprise was upon them all, when he first changed at the setting of the Sun. Some felt he was not right for this fight, but through acts by the Beast he proved to them all, and the rest of the realm, that this one Beast could make a difference. This also showed that there was entire races out there amongst the realms that could prove useful and productive members of society.


Book of Ansa


It has been said that music soothes the mighty beast. Then Ansa must be the greatest composure ever written. Ursus was wild, uncouth, unpredictable and for the most part rude. This is the result of living near a century in the wild with little to interact with except your food and an occasional hunting party. These qualities were more than sufficient for fighting all that came against CrIsis; however, none of the qualities required to interact with all the other forays that CrIsis had to undertake. Blessed be to Ansa for her role in soothing this mighty Beast or at least tempering him somewhat.


Book of The Childs


If Ansa was the concerto then AuBeron & KolbJorn are the Rhapsody. With their birth the beast was tempered like fine steel. His unbreakable strength and sharpness grew many fold. They all made a wondrous quartet.


Book of Transformation


It is a rare event for a mortal, well almost mortal, being to ascend into God-Hood. By making this transformation Ursus surpassed all the expectations to make this transformation. His ascent also began the rise of the WereBeasts as a more recognized race to be welcomed into society. Many of those that hid in the shadows, cam forth and revealed their true nature. Some were shunned, some were railed out of the area they had thought was home, some were hunted, but most were slowly excepted. These Beasts were true warriors and the risks they could take were most beneficial to the societies they were a part of.


Book of the Nuptials


There have been many styles and concepts for weddings. The joining of Ansa and Ursus was utterly unprecedented. It was held deep in the forest outside of Avramstown, rare but not a first. All those that participated and were in attendance were required to be completely sans clothing, even more rare, but also not ground breaking. Father Titus and Cardinal Keegan presided over the nuptials. It was amazing that the Cardinal agreed to the dress, or lack of, but he was actually quite immodest and showed no shame. Vows were exchanged and blood was exchanged, by Ansa and Ursus only though. The traditional exchange of rings was quite interesting. Both rings were made of pure silver. Non-WereBeasts were chosen as ring bearers so that only the betrothed would be harmed, so to speak. These were no ordinary rings. Bear sized, they had engravings on the inside of the rings. They were also magically created so that any wounds caused would be permanent regardless of whom beared the scars. The words on the inside were “Ansa, my love will always burn for you” for Ursus and “Ursus, my love will always burn for you” for Ansa. This was actually Ursus’ idea and Ansa was so thrilled with the gesture, she totally overcame the fear of the idea of silver anywhere near here. Of Course both endured great pain, not only by grasping the others ring, but also by having them place on their fingers. Each left it on for a full minute. Then it was removed by the other, each ring was thrown into Khonsu’s alter fire, as a sacrifice to him and to forge this bond forever.. Both now had matching burned/etched rings on their fingers professing there love for each other. The event ended with Ansa and Ursus chasing down a very large and majestic Obaru that had been hand picked for this occasion. Upon devouring the animal, they proceeded to partake of each other. All in attendance were invited to watch, not only the hunt and feast, but the conclusion as well. Only a few of the strongest constitution were able. The hunt was most ferocious and many couldn’t keep up, especially since they were bear-footed. Several couldn’t muster watching Ansa and Ursus and their gluttonous display with the fresh kill. They ate every bit down to the Antlers and hoofs. There were only two that stayed for the conclusion. The rest were too modest, too sickened or just too polite to stay and watch. Only Cardinal Katheryne Lestways and Father Grignak stayed for the final event. Both saw this as the most beautiful part of the ceremony and neither could think of a better way to show their respect for the newly married couple. Of course, Kat & Grignak tied to recreate the style that they had witnessed later; however, even these two great purveyors of pain couldn’t fully replicate the act they had seen.


Book of HomeSteading


While many saw acceptance into society, those that were shunned and outcast felt they had been betrayed. Ursus, on some level realized this and the thought was hatched by him that a homeland was needed for those that were considered outcasts. A place of true acceptance. Thus he sought a place to make a home for all, or at least those that would be willing. Through his connections to the Wolfen Empire via Ansa, General Tinor and King Avramson, He petitioned the Wolfen Senate for land in the Empire that would become a sovereign nation of the WereBeast. The Senate balked at this notion at first; however, with his persistence and a lot of aid from his Wife and former CrIsis member Rell (Ursus was very accepting of her transformation, he saw it as her true self finally coming forth. Ursus always identified as the Bear, regardless of what he looked like. He thought she was similar in that fashion.) land was chartered and a homestead was created. Of course a major stipulation was that they trade predominately with the Wolfen and would also act as warriors, if called upon, for the Wolfen.


The southern-most peninsula of Dragon’s Claw Bay was agreed upon by the Wolfen Senate for the charter. This land was so wild and inhospitable that even the most hardy of the Wolfen couldn’t survive it, much less inhabit it. They looked at it as a no lose situation. If the WereBeasts somehow managed to survive they had a very strong ally and trading partner, if the homestead failed they would not be giving up much if anything at all.


Ansa & Ursus were the first to settle. They both agreed to build a home for them and the Childs as close to the bay as possible. At first, it was modest, but as they had more Childs, their home grew as the family grew. The family grew and grew, the population of Tinorville (Named after Ansa’s adopted Uncle at Ursus’ behest), first town and Capitol of Werevana (The name of the newly born Kingdom, residents are called WereVen), become mostly descendants of Ansa & Ursus. The amount of offspring they continue to have seems to be never ending.


Word was sent to any Werebeasts that Ansa & Ursus knew of or had heard of, asking that that also spread the word to those that they knew of as well. Few came at first, those that were hungry for a new beginning or adventure or those that were tired of being third class citizens of the realm. Small villages and towns soon popped up all over Werevana. Most were very tribal or pack-like. The Wolves tended to stay with their kind, as did the Bears and Tigers. Very few Panthers and Jaguars settled, those that did remained as far south as possible and many didn’t last the first decade. Many non-WereBeasts also came to try there hand at making it big in this new Kingdom, most were somewhat outcasts from there former societies. Only the most hardy were able to survive the new land.


Book of Werevana


After several decades Werevana is thriving and growing at a fast pace. Trade with the Wolfen is very successful and the main reason Werevana was able to survive and prosper. The government of Werevana is very similar to the Wolfen empire. There are ten tribes altogether. Bear tribe, Wolf tribe, Tiger tribe, Panther tribe, Jaguar tribe, Bearmen tribe, Ursus-Joruuth tribe, Ursus-Eoten tribe, Ursus-Rex tribe and Founder’s tribe. Each tribal government is determined by the citizens of that tribe. If there is serious conflict within a tribe and the rule of government, it is taken before the Werevan Senate. Each tribe has equal footing in the Wereven Senate, five Senators each, determined as the tribe sees fit, which is the prime governing body of Wervana. The second part of the government is the Justice Dealers, an 11 member body chosen from the 10 tribes, one per tribe and an eleventh that is voted on by all citizens of Wervana. The last part of the Werevana government is the King/Queen. He or She has veto power over any decisions made by the Senate, but they can overrule the veto with a 75% vote. The position of King is by life, challenge or retirement. Once a King is determined, they hold that position until they die of natural or unnatural causes, are challenged for the rule or decided they have had enough and give up the throne. The challenge is three-fold: Physical, mental and Spiritual. First, physical combat to first death (since most in Werevana can come back to life, first death is a fair way to determine a victor and avoid unnecessary destruction of good leaders). Second, a challenge of intelligence and wisdom, which is a seemingly endless barrage of random questions and mental challenges conducted by the Justice Dealers. The victor is usually the one who doesn’t surrender to the endless inquiries and mental badgering from the Justices. The last challenge is the Spiritual challenge. The King must prove his or her openness to all the forms of worship within the Kingdom. This is conducted by the most senior leadership of the local religions, no outside influence is allowed. Only residents of Werevana can judge. Most conflicts within a tribe are dealt with by Tribe members only. If an event is grossly atrocious or biased the Senate, Justice Dealers and the King step in to make fair attempt to appease all parties. The Central Government deal almost entirely with other kingdoms, empires and nations and rarely interfere with tribal politics or intra-tribe squabbles. They do, however, settle all inter-tribal conflicts and squabbles.


Ursus has been the King of Werevana since it’s founding. He is basically self appointed, since he and his family were the founders of Werevana. He has bestowed the title of Queen upon Ansa. While the position is supposed to be solitary, he has basically treated her as an equal partner in the rule of Werevana. They often have lengthy discussions and arguments over details of how to rule in particular situations when they don’t agree fully. There have been no challengers to his rule so far, mostly out of respect for them as beings, for taking on the endeavor of creating a kingdom for their kind and the fact that he and Ansa rule firmly but very fairly. They often help any new enterprise, small and large, to help them get a solid footing economically. They have even provided basic labor when the enterprise was lacking that need.


Werevana is basically self-sustaining, but they are fully aware that no nation is an island and they must maintain trade to be taken seriously on the world stage. Werevana trades in moslty rare metals, gems, animal meat, parts and hides that can only be found in the Kingdom of Werevana. It’s prime export is Kalruck Beast. The ones hunted from Dragon’s Claw bay are the largest and most ferocious specimen’s the realm has ever seen. The Kalruck trade is the main reason Werevana was able to truly become a kingdom, since every bit of the beast is sought after for various reasons. Ursus himself hunted many of the beasts that were part of the first trade agreement to the Wolfen. Each tribe does maintain a military force, mostly as defense against the many ferocious non-sentient beasts of the Kingdom and for civil rule. Each tribe is also responsible for sending a certain number of troops for the Central Army, under the direct command of the King.


There is but one Law put forth by King & Queen, that can’t be rescinded ever. No Silver allowed. Period. In fact coins must be made of any other type of metal, the Law is so encompassing.


Book of Tribes


The Founders tribe is a mish-mash of the various races that first settled Werevana. 20% WereBear, 15% WereWolf, 10% WereTiger, 5% WerePanther, 5% WereJaguar, 10% Bearmen, 10% Eoten, 10% Joruuth, 10% Wolfen, 5% Human, Elf, Dwarf. They occupy the North-Central region of the Kingdom. The Bear tribe is 95% WereBear, the rest is a mix of all races currently residing in Werevana and is currently lead by Chieftains and founders, Princess AuBeron & Prince KolbJorn. They broke from the Founders (and their Parents) over a disagreement about the Bears and their role in Werevana. They occupy the Northern most part of Werevana on the bay. The Wolf tribe is 95% WereWolf, the rest is a mix of all races currently residing in Werevana. They occupy the central region of the Kingdom. The Tiger tribe is 95% WereTiger, the rest is a mix of all races currently residing in Werevana. They occupy the North-East region of the Southern territories. The Panther tribe is 95% WerePanther, the rest is a mix of all races currently residing in Werevana. They occupy the South-Central region of the Southern territories. The Jaguar tribe is 95% WereJaguar, the rest is a mix of all races currently residing in Werevana. They occupy the South-East region of the Southern territories. The Bearmen tribe is 95% Bearmen, the rest is a mix of all races currently residing in Werevana. They occupy the North-West region of the Southern territories. The Ursus-Joruuth tribe is 95% Joruuth-Kiridin, the rest is a mix of all races currently residing in Werevana. They occupy the West-Central region of the Southern territories. These are Kiridin, mostly Joruuth, that came in a pilgrimage to see the Great Bear-Man. They liked the area and the newly formed Government, compared to the in-fighting of the Kiridin nation and decided to stay and form a new Tribe. It is named in honor of Ursus. The Ursus-Eoten tribe is 95% Eoten, the rest is a mix of all races currently residing in Werevana. They occupy the South-West region of the Southern territories. These are Eoten that came to worship the Great Bear Spirit that walks amongst man. They have built many shrines to Ursus and his kin. The Ursus-Rex tribe is 95% Wolfen, the rest is a mix of all races currently residing in Werevana. They occupy the Easy-Central region of the Southern territories. These are Wolfen that were outcasts, adventurers, or other non-norms for Wolfen society that headed out looking for anything better or just different.


Book of Tinorville


Tinorville, the Capitol of Werevana, is home of the Royal palace and The Actos Family. The palace is modest, yet refined. It has plenty of space for the many Childs of the King & Queen. The Royal couple are the most prolific breeders of the Kingdom and have lots of love for each and everyone of there Childs. At maturity (this is not well defined for WereBeasts) Childs are basically kicked out of the Palace to make it out in the real world. Childs of King Ursus & Queen Ansa make up 90% of the 20% of WereBear population of the Founders tribe. The palace is circular with a large courtyard. There is a large Statue of Khonsu in the center of the courtyard. Surrounding the statue are several omage to various Demi-Gods, Godlings and former members of CrIsis. There is a Shiny (non-silver) pole on a small stage. There is a small 18″ x 18″ garden. There is a small open brazier, that lights aflame randomly (it is said if you walk to close the flames will jump out and burn you). There is a life size statue of a dwarf laying on the ground with several empty bottles around it. There is a musical note shaped metal plate with a lightning bolt etched into it. There is a small pyramid of juggling pins. There is a statue of a Human male kneeling in a prayer pose, wearing priestly robes. There is a small Golden statue of a minotaur, which seems to glow around the clock. There is a large statue of a Faerie female riding a hawk with a Lance and Shield. There is a statue of a human male playing a lute. There is a statue of a human male carrying a dozen blades. There is a statue of a Wolfen male holding a large sword above his head. There is a strange statue of a small Human female and wolf which seem to be partly morphed with each other.



These are only excerpts from the Word of Ursus. Of course this story has no ending yet, nor is one in sight. To this day Ursus and Ansa still rule as King & Queen.


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  • My favorite line “Ansa must be the greatest composure ever written.”
    Really cool idea- well done.

    • Could you imagine a World with Ursus not having Ansa to temper him?

    • I don’t have to imagine – I think we spent almost a full year there!

  • I suspect the flames of the brazier are more likely to burn the women than the men!

    I loved the “nature finds a way” bits of history. And there was a lot of nice thought and detail were put into Ursus’ kingdom!

    • You may be correct on the brazier, no one wants to be a part of an experiment to find out.

      Ever since Victor put the idea of a WereBeast nation into my noggin, I have mulled over many details in my head. It took me several hours to get it all written down. I may tweak a few things but I am very pleased with the final outcome. Long Live the King & Queen. May the Gods have mercy on any who would prey on Werevana, for the citizens will not.

  • I tweaked two things: 1. what happened to the rings after Ansa & Ursus removed them from each other. 2. A Law of the land, which is tantamount to a command from Lord Ursus.

  • It is very well done, Xerx’ses tribute is touching. I can’t comment on the other because he’s sleeping.

    • Keep telling yourself He is sleeping…All the omage are Ursus’ inept yet loving way of paying tribute to all he served with or replaced in CrIsis

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