These Dreams in Ma’ip

Every moment I’m awake the further I’m away

My friend Moli,

This is a letter from your friend Silent Dream. I hope you are still doing well in Renvin. Since the last time I saw you I have gone from one end of the world to the other. We have had audience with and even fought alongside the Emperor of the Western Empire. Then we visited the island of the Great Library again. There we witnessed the birth of Ursus and Ansa‘s’ children. From there we have returned briefly to the Northern Wilderness. A few days ago I even received a letter back from Rolling Hills!

But most amazing is what happened last night during my meditation. I suddenly noticed the cool night air was gone. In its place was pure and vibrant air. It wafted to me on a gentle breeze along with the peaceful sounds of nature. I recognized the scent and feel of this air. When I opened my eyes I confirmed that I was in Ma’ip. The land of the Great Gods. I gently lowered myself onto the ground. Everything there was so vibrant. So alive. So tall. The grass still towered over me. I smiled at the joy of being within such a magical realm again.

Without hesitation I started moving forward. I did not have to travel long before I could hear the soft cloven sound of Her approach. Only moments passed before Great Apis herself stood before me. The grasses receded in deference to Her magnificence. I knelt deeply in respect. “It is you who deserve that. I am breaking with tradition to welcome you personally.” I was shocked to hear Her say that to me. “Have I died?” I asked Her that question fearfully. These are the words She then said to me.

“No. You have reached a level to be elevated to Demi-godhood.” That is what she said to me as she smiled reassuringly. “I am most proud of you. You have done well handling yourself in crisis while in CrIsis.” She laughed at Her joke. I laughed with her. Because when your Goddess laughs at something you laugh too. “You have kept your values at all times. They have brought you here. You deserve this.”

I could feel the changes happening to me as She spoke. I felt stronger. Tougher. More confident. Most importantly though my senses exploded. I now had new senses and awareness which hadn’t existed before. I did not know what to say. She looked at me with those kind eyes. “Do you have any questions for me?” She asked me that after what seemed like a long time.

With effort I forced myself to speak up. “I am glad that You’re okay. That the war which erupted when You were weakened seems to have finally ended.” That wasn’t a question. But she responded anyway. “We have healing abilities which far exceed that of mortals. One day you will know them too. Do you have any questions?”

In truth I had many questions. But what could I ask of the Goddess who was already breaking with tradition just to be here with me? In a moment though I realized there was an important question which I could ask. “Each of us raised to be a Demigod have a counterpart in ReSet. Who is my counterpart?” That was the question I asked.

“A Troll in ReSet was recently raised as their newest Demigod. But your counterpart was raised some time ago, when Torrun was raised.” She let her answer linger out there and said nothing more. I was about to ask her for clarification when I realized why She stopped. “The Agreement will let You say no more. ‘Knowledge must be earned.’ I thank you Goddess for what you have given me.” I knelt deeply again after saying that to Her. I waited for whatever would come next.

“Just remember, you are still the conscience and moral compass in your group.” That was what the Goddess said to me now. “Your values will be sorely tested in Cynopolis and Hades, for those are places that wage war more in the mind and in psychology and less with weapons. You must help keep CrIsis on the path of light.”

“I will do everything I can to help them stay on this path.” I confidently said that to Great Apis.

“Remember, every one of you will have to face the Dark before this is complete. You will have to help some of them. Do not lose you way. I am counting on you.” Those were the last words she said to me.

“I will not let You down.” I said that to Her but as the words came out I felt the air around me chill again. I was back where I started, meditating again. I wondered if it was all just a dream. But I could feel the difference in me. The Gods have chosen me to walk a new path. The same path which Xerx’ses, Torrun, Ursus, and The Nameless Man now walk. I have not even told CrIsis about this yet. I wanted to make sure I told you first.

I am now to be the Demigod of Psionics and of Accidental Fires. It seems the Gods sense of humor and irony is fully intact. But I will strive to live up to these new roles even while I take Great Apis’ words and expectations to heart.

Be well Moli. May the Gods always stand between you and harm in all the empty places you walk.

Silent Dream. of Dream Lake. and of CrIsis.

Note: This letter was written in Elven, on parchment paper, on the 4th day of Pegasus, in the seventy-second year of the Great Wolfen Empire and the first year of the Kingdom of Koris Gwaisol.

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5 Responses to “These Dreams in Ma’ip

  • “There we witnessed the birth of Ursus and Ansa’s children.” Its like your describing how you would have seen a crime, while in court. “Mr. Dream, describe exactly what you witnessed for the court please, spare no gruesome details.

    “It seems the Gods sense of humor and irony is fully intact.” Yeah they have to have fun some how, better to take it out on each other, and us, then their subjects.

    • Well there was lots of blood and screaming, so it was sort of like a crime scene.

  • These dreams go on when I close my eyes
    Every second of the night I live another life

    Congrats on you becoming a demigod! I hope that you will be able to follow Apis’ advice, as she felt it necessary to speak with you personally, rather than the god on duty.

  • It only gets harder…


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