This Is Not Going to be Easy


The Quarry has set up a base of operations, and it has been here a long time.

After searching extensively through the Scum and Villainy of Kaash, I confirmed that there had been many sightings, reports, and many lost in an area around, and including, the town of Yggdrasil.

Using my skills to become one with the Dead, I got within a mile of the town. They have an army gathered here, for what purpose I hope to ascertain.

I will try to get closer to the Quarry. If I do not write again in exactly one month, come rescue me.

Be safe, for I still feel it will take both of us, no, far more, all of CrIsis and more, to take him.

Remember, neither of our spirits will be granted rest until She is gone.

Sent from No Name’s mentor, Logan on the 28th of Corg.

Picture from our own AZ Rune.


One Response to “This Is Not Going to be Easy

  • Well, sh!t b@lls!!! Army of Undead in the East, Old One summoning in the West! totally sucks! Great Log though. 😛

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