To A Friend’s Father

To the Father of Osiris’ Unyielding Strength,

This missive is being sent to you via the Pontiff’s couriers. How you may end up getting it I will not know. We have met only in passing once or twice due to poor situation-based circumstances. My name is Indaris Excellar, and I am recently been dubbed the Seeker of Isis. I frankly hate titles and accolades but I use it here because your son was given the title of Osiris’ Unyielding Strength. You will hear tales of the death of the Fire Giant King by the hands of the Man With No Name – now Khonsu’s Reaper. However, I would have you know that your son faced off in single combat against the Giant King and performed an exquisite feint with his runesword, Callandor. Then he “allowed” himself to be hit by the Lawgiver’s Left Arm to which I now wield in combat. This setup a teleportation trap he conjectured on the fly of combat to steal the giant king back to Sekti-Abtu where Khonsu’s Reaper was able to deal the death blow.

Now take a minute to pat yourself on your back. I have had the honor of talking with him many a day and he credits this action to your training of strategy and thinking while your blood is following in combat. I have tried very hard to get him to give himself credit for the idea and he refuses citing you and Aesyl for the knowledge and the Great Lady, Isis, for the chance to prove to the world not all monster races are bad. That evil is a choice.

How is your co-chieftain, Xixin’s feeling? I hope he is well for his special weapon means he has traveled the world a great deal and is sure to have heard of the Lopanic Games, yes? Tell him your son won the gold in the pentathlon and dueling event! While I am sure Xerx’ses told you about his victories did he tell you each day we went to enter Elves of Sulestan tried to murder him? Did he tell you that even at risk of peril to his own life he would kneel and pray to Osiris for guidance and patience? Each time the law showed up and saved him (with a little help from his friends as well)! During the games he always lent a hand to any competitor if the faltered and made sure to thank them after each competition. Could you not hear the crowds shouting his name from the stands as people from all walks of life saw a minotaur and knew he was the best among those present?

Sir, I commend you as a role model and parent.

Least I forget he has brought the holiday of Horus Day back and I am using his gift to me to help quill this missive to you. The Library of Bletherad has extended an invitation to your people to visit based on his stellar behavior and assistance. I am sure your co-chieftain can explain what an honor that is. Oh, the ‘Silver Skull’ that Aesyl touched before dying in a tornado now rests in the same library as a gravestone for a scholar in a place of knowledge.

Lastly, he still carries the ‘horns’ of four members of the Etrinan that killed your first son to prevent their afterlife and resurrection. I was unaware of the custom and it was remarkable to learn about your culture. Which brings me to my next point, please pass on my heartfelt good tidings to the Human priests and or priestesses that survived the journey with you and now live among your people. Your son was curious as well as to whether or not ‘Fryst’ the Frost Blade was cured of its curse?

Finally, yes he has a thing for Elf girls, and a strange turn of events they seem to have a thing for him. Ever since he achieved immortality via his magic that appears to only have gotten stronger.

Let me tidy this up by saying he misses you and the tribe terribly and wishes you all well. I am trying to reach out to you for him so he can focus on other things and maybe we will stop by once more before this mess takes us to Hades.

Be well proud father of a hero,

…Blessings of Isis upon thee,

Indaris Excellar, Seeker of Isis,

Sent on the 8th of Kym-Nark-Mar in the 3rd Year of King Guy of Timiro.

Picture by our own AZ Rune.

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