To Pointy

Check Out the Size of Those…..Ears


I wish that I could be surprised that you sent this message to the wrong place- however, considering your lack of intelligence, the fact that you have human blood, and way too much wind comes in through those massive ears…. well, it is understandable…..

I was here in Caer Itom for that lucrative payment you promised…. did you forget again??? What a shock.

Well, for the first time, you ain’t getting anything for free…. I will come back next month, and you might, maybe, get some info from me….. if the gold was worth my time.

If you are going to treat me like a greedy bitch, you get a greedy bitch…..

Have a nice day,
Sent on the 5th of Thoth from Caer Itom, not Springgate. Question- Are all elves stupid, or all humans, or only the progeny of the two combined?

Picture from John Tucker

Out of game note- I know the picture does not fit with most of our pictures- but I had to rub in the ear issue, and how better than with a hammock spread between ears…..

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