To the Crystal Kingdom

The Team regrouped and met with Lictalon one last time. He asked if they had any questions. A few were asked, but Lictalon was cautious due to being bound by the agreement of the gods at risk of loss of half his power. They asked for travel on an air ship. Lictalon made the arrangements with Alloywin, a skinny elf of serious demeanor. He hurries off to prepare. Silent Dream receives a scroll to teleport to the Crystal Kingdom. With that the group is prepared to leave, but Lictalon issues one final warning, “Elves built the crystal kingdom, so you should remember things about elves. They are more interested in the unique than the value. The true elf relishes in finding his own path that is not of the same pattern. They look all ways. They look up and they look down. The Crystal Kingdom was built with the help of the dwarves. What the dwarves are known for will come into play. Sometimes you must go down to go up.” His cryptic message was left hanging in the air as we were excused to go to the tavern. The group separated for a moment, but regrouped once more. At this time the Nameless One comes in bringing gifts of monogrammed crystal flasks. The party receives them then heads to the garden.


Once entering the garden Dream remembers a vision and advises the group not to try to see through illusions. They continue walking until eventually that somehow end up in Llorn. After a while they are escorted to the Duke of Llorn, who has a horrible speech issue due to his broken nose, or perhaps an illness. He meets in private with the group and grants them gifts. To Torrun and Ursus he granted a Ring of Life Protection. To the Nameless One he gave Life Gives Strength, a tool that will help him overcome evil’s immunities. Merkl was given Requiem, a knife. Dream was given Keremond’s Spellshield. Finally Grignak received the Holy Sword of Antioch. The group was grateful and the Nameless One gave his skull shirt to the Duke in return. Finally the group went shopping. The man paid his debt for the flasks. The group then met with Jase Wendryn at the party to discuss the high castle. Afterwards Torrun and the Man fed the homeless, while Dream and Grignak prepared for an orgy.


After all this was done the group teleported to the Crystal Kingdom. They rode up a treacherous mountain on the backs of phantom steeds where they were soon met by a golem and some elves. The golem after convincing decided to guide the group towards their destination, but they were intercepted by elves on the road. Will they survive to save the West? Only time will tell.

Picture from Roderick Bley .


6 Responses to “To the Crystal Kingdom

  • A decent recollection but this appears to be written in the third person, but by whom?

    Only time may tell…

  • Interesting, as it does not seem to be told by the “Watcher”. What did Jase say? So many questions…

    • If what Jace had to say was important he would have written it to us in a letter. 😀

  • Is nameless one actually really known as . . . Tristine (gasp)

  • Most intriguing was this line (emphasis mine): “His cryptic message was left hanging in the air as we were excused to go to the tavern.” Who is this new ghost that traveled with us? An old apprentice, perhaps?

  • Loved the accounting, but missed the usual doom and gloom penned by the author of past.

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