Too Busy, or Misunderstood?

Connection Lost?

Dear Silent Dream,

I heard from you at the end of Corg, almost 4 months ago, yet have not heard from you since. It seems that you arrived in Llorn during the only time I was away, yet have heard nothing since.

If we are to be just friends that is understandable, but I thought we had a connection, and you seemed to confirm it in your last message. “This has made me think of you even more than usual. Your letter arriving when it did was a godsend!” you said.

Let me know what is going on please, before I am swamped with people asking me about you because I am mentioned in the Books of CrIsis.

Hopefully yours,

Sent on the 1st of Kym-nark-mar in the 345th year of the Eastern Dominion.

Picture by our own AZ Rune.


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