Torrun’s Ballad of “The Man With No Name”

Alloywin Earthseeker,

My good man I am asking what I hope will be a small favor. Surely, your “brother” still has many contacts within the Western Empire that could start vigorously spreading a poem to the people of the land and the soldiers fighting for Emperor Voelkian Itomas II. Consider it a gift from a Prince to an Emperor. If the troops begin chanting it on the battlefield they will likely see improved morale. We are coming to put a stop to the war. Allow this poem to be a harbinger of our impending arrival.

On a better note about our conversation by the lake

Korin = Dwarven for Hall/Home/Mountain/Fortress context changes the meaning as you well know.

Baris = Elven for Home or Hall and again sometimes in context either meaning works.

Sol = Unite Solam = Unified or Nation in Dwarven and again context of the sentence alters the meaning.

Gwaith = Elven for Nation.

So may I offer:
Koris Gwaisol = Dwelfish for Home of the Unified Hall/Nation

To the infallible Rod Rambler, chronicler of the lunatics of the gods – “CrIsis” – please edit out any mention of Allowyn’s involvement given his job for someone that has signed the Agreement. Now on to the poem.

I am the sleep time apparition

Cutting demons in the night

I come reaping without hesitation

Moving in and out of your sight

I’m the tapping on evil’s shoulder

I’m the reaper in the fight

I’ll take shelter in your horrors

I’ll be the shiver when you’re a fright

I’m the gold in Caer Itom

I’m the well in Timiro

Like the vultures aboard death’s galley

I will ferry you when it’s time to go

I’m the magic in your belt pouch

I’m the horseman in your fears

I’m the reason the guards are shouting

I’m the hand that ends it with a shear

I’m the knave’s whine when fleeing

I am the long gone relative

I’m the clawing within the ceiling

I am counsel you mustn’t give

I’m the ghost of regret’s shadow

My vengeance will be anchored in your soul’s moor

Though I can walk through walls and windows

I will rap thrice just like before

I’m the dark dreams in your children

I’m the spot beneath your skin

I’m the sanguine on the flagstone

I am the ruptured heart within

I won’t take crossroads to Hades

I won’t touch just any bad man

Ask Khonsu when you walk in his glades

Why your soul hence belongs to him

Written by Prince Torrun Ithanson,
For the people of the Western Empire to remind those that would do evil unto their land their harbinger of justice and vengeance is coming.

Written in Elven and Western, sent upon the 24th of Ra; in 1st year in the Kingdom of Ælfrik.


9 Responses to “Torrun’s Ballad of “The Man With No Name”

  • Hope this helps on two fronts!

  • Wow, by far your best poem yet- great work!

  • Looks like Torrun’s actually a bard using the best disguise ever, that of a very competent fighter.

    • I think we need to see more evidence before we draw that conclusion… that he’s a competent fighter, I mean!

  • Lots of really cool allusions. Great job!

  • Poem is great and picture is magnificent. I think I may be a bit lost in the plot of late, but as long as CrIsis are still “ON TARGET” I can live with that….


  • Howdy Twigs, thanks for the drop by.

    As much as the Nameless One has been described, this poem puts it into a whole new perspective, for readers and characters alike.

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