My Beloved,

I have much to tell you! First, I am thrilled that you are alive and well. Of course I will bond with you!

The entire city of Avramstown shook greatly, like when CrIsis made the Pyramid appear there. I was near the “palace” (I have always respected King Avramson for having such a small home) doing patrol, and rushed towards the disturbance. So did many of the troops. Meanwhile, poor Greminor had finally run out of energy, and the Eastern Territory army had broken through.

We had to turn to protect our city, and so we missed the group of enemy soldiers that had come in from the north. Uncle Tinor soon directed the platoon that I belong with to protect the Citadel, and we rushed off, and went in to see what the commotion was.

We found, well, we found our beloved King barely alive (he is fine now). Below the city we found catacombs, and another city below! Well, city is more like an old ancient town. We polished off the Easterners that had gone down below, the ones that did not die when the library crumbled. Oh yeah, and since then, we discovered its name- Wo-Elfenbrut. Back to that later.

Meanwhile a group of Wolfen thought lost forever, combined with a group that recently thought passed, the Lost Tribe and the Iron Claw Tribe, made a killing blow of the Easterners Great Mage, and the battle turned in our favor.

A human High Priestess, some woman named Rose Nookie, came in to the “Palace” with a white flag, accompanied by a Ramen, and it seemed that King Avramson knew her. She was strange- she cried a lot, and apologized even more- her Wolfen was most passable for a human.

They are now trying to negotiate peace, both sides. A human that had the largest price on his head, Duke VasPass, claims that he was controlled by a Raksasha to start the war, and framed the attack on Sweet Creek. She, the Raksasha, was killed by some group named the Eye of Vengeance, and a priest named Rad Cat. So, the Duke has called off the war.

Over the last few months I have read all the Stories of CrIsis, and have spent some time helping people recover all the books of the Library of Wo-Elfenbrut. I have become friends and honorary protector of Malkin Falimede, who is a librarian that says he knows all of you. He even told me some stories to prove it. He is very nice, and educating me.




Looking forward to our bonding!




Sent on the 10th of Gryphon in the 72nd year of the Wolfen Empire


Pictures from our own AZ Rune.


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