Two Pyramids and a Werebear

Entry #101

…then we arrived at Springgate. It was the 28th of Thoth. As we approached the pyramid we found the Dark God Apepi waiting for us. He had scores of soldiers with him. CrIsis prepared for the inevitable fight. But the Emperor Itomas had a different idea. He stood up and reminded Apepi how much worship He received from the Western Empire. He told Apepi to kill us somewhere else or the Empire would no longer worship the Dark. “Another day.” That is what Apepi said. Then he disappeared with his soldiers.

Once we calmed down Grignak performed a sexy divination dance. He wanted to discern if it would be safe for Emperor Itomas to ascend the pyramid with us. Ursus was confused. He didn’t understand why Grignak’s dance would be considered sexy. I suggested that he imagine it was Ansa dancing like that. “Get out of my fucking head!” That was what Ursus jokingly shouted at me in response. Surprisingly Torrun joined in on the laughter. Maybe our talk the other day wasn’t a waste of time after all.

Grignak completed his dance. He announced that it was safe for the Emperor to join us. That reassurance was why the Emperor climbed up the pyramid with us. Climbing up the pyramid was exactly as all the previous books described. We reverently spoke the names of Lady Isis and reached the top safely. Once there we received two letters at the top of the pyramid. We immediately sent a letter back to the Shield of Light so they knew we did not actually wish them to sail to Cynopolis. Hopefully that letter reached them in time. We then wasted no more time. We entered the sacred bath to purify our bodies before entering the place where the true pyramid lay.

We walked a mile through that hot arid desert then climbed that pyramid. Two Ramen awaited us at the top. They directed me to place the Right Finger of Osiris within the blue flame burning in the center of the room. I did so and Great Osiris appeared before me. “Keep being the conscience of CrIsis.” That was what he said to me. That was all he said to me. He hugged me then disappeared again. I was very confused. Merkl was speechless. After witnessing that Divine spectacle Emperor Itomas spoke. “I shall support you in all things. My hand is yours. How may I assist you?” That was what he said to us.

Many ideas were thrown around after the Emperor’s promise. On only one thing we agreed – that he would provide to us the floor plans for Cynopolis. Unfortunately that was probably the most reasonable thing we discussed. The Ramen interrupted our discussion to ask if we had questions for them. We told them we did not but we would like to keep talking in this private and protected place. They agreed. Torrun took this opportunity to tell us about his conversations with Gabriel earlier in the week. He told us about the nature of the spirits which guard Cynopolis – how we would need special items to see them which would be ready for us soon. Torrun also revealed what he learned regarding The Nameless Man‘s scythe versus the spirits at Cynopolis. That its power would be largely ineffective versus them.

Before we left the Ramen asked us to join them in a prayer. We all said thanks to the Gods of Light together. Then we left. We returned to the normal world today on the 4th of Kym-nark-mar.

Entry #102

We are now on the Island of Y-Oda. Once we bade the Emperor Itomas goodbye on the 4th of Kym-nark-mar we allowed Ursus to teleport us here. He used the gift scroll of teleport which Xerx’ses provided to him so he could be with his beloved. As soon as we arrived he bolted for Malkin‘s home. With my help Grignak was able to catch up to Ursus but hanging on was another matter. Ursus took a turn too sharply and threw Grignak off of him.

By the time we all caught up to Ursus at Malkin’s house he had already broken down the door and was with Ansa. She was in her bear form despite the daylight hours. She seemed pleased to see him. I apologized to Malkin for our abrupt arrival. And in general for Ursus. Malkin suggested we talk more at Auntie Ev‘s. Heebo stayed behind. He began working on an ice sculpture to capture the reunion of Ursus and Ansa. Torrun also held back to have a private moment with Ursus.

He gave Ursus a deed to a plot of land on the island where a shrine to Khonsu was being built. Torrun told him he bought it in celebration of his childs impending birth. Once we left only Heebo was able to witness Ursus using the magical ring Stonelogger gave him to propose marriage to her. “This is the ring of time and only time itself can end our love for each other.” That was how he proposed to her. She happily accepted.

The rest of us hadn’t even made it to Auntie Ev’s before Heebo ran up to us urgently. “Hear ye, hear ye! Come one, come all, all members of CrIsis, to the birthing event of the century! Watch as a werebear is born and escapes from the cavernous depths known as Ansa!” That is what Heebo yelled to us in order to explain what was going on. Malkin told us he knows where they went. He led us to a clearing in the woods where Ursus and Ansa are. Ansa was in labor. Grignak was able to help in the delivery. Ursus stayed by Ansa’s side. I helped Ansa by deadening her pain. She gave birth to two baby bears – a boy and a girl. Ursus named his bear son Kolbjorn and his bear daughter Auberon. This was an amazing event to be a part of.

Ursus stayed with Ansa and his children. The rest of us went to Auntie Ev’s to stay in the rooms there. Ursus is a father – we made it to the birth of his children. Today was a good day.

Entry #103

Today was the 5th of Kym-nark-mar. We started the day with a long discussion about what we would do now. Ursus joined us after a few hours. We came to the realization that we needed to go to the pyramid next. Then we needed to continue on to visit the Mad Monk. Before we set off Grignak said the following prayer.

Khonsu, God of the moon
Khonsu, Sacrifice and all
Khonsu, Come before you in this month
That we might again consecrate our quest
In order to bring Osiris back from whence he was rent
This sacrifice has been put forth
And in your name we will bring this quest to fruition

Once the prayer was completed the Left Eye of Osiris began to glow and feel warm. Ursus held it aloft for all of us to see. We took this as a sign that we should go bring the Eye to the pyramid. There was a path from the entrance of the library which led to the pyramid. We climbed many steps to reach the pyramid up on the mountain. The pyramid seemed to have been cut into the side of the volcano.

Together we climbed the pyramid. At the top were many tents. Steam was rising everywhere. Thirty-two gorgeous women greeted us here. They represented all the races of CrIsis, past and present. Each was wearing a necklace and nothing else. Grignak, Heebo and Merkl allow the women to lead them away for some private time. The rest of us declined and simply enjoyed the hot springs here. After a few hours we entered the pyramid proper.

Guarding this pyramid was a Sphinx called The Librarian. He directed Ursus to place the Eye within the blue flames. Once he did Osiris appeared. “Your children will be blessed and protected by the Gods of Light during this quest. Have no fear. Go and be the Revenant. Go and be the leader of the monster races. Go and gain followers. Become one of the true gods. Khonsu blesses you and the Reaper and thanks you for your service.” That was what Osiris said to Ursus. “Mighty Osiris, my gratitude to all of you for protecting my wife and child. I shall complete this quest or die doing so.” That was what Ursus said to him.

Once Oriris departed we were left along with the Keeper again. He gave us the following information:

  • Khonsu would not be upset if we missed his festival.
  • Haladriel may not send us to a pyramid because he has signed the Agreement. There was one other on the island who could help us though.
  • Apepi hates the water. He will not attack us while we sail.
  • The Shield of Light is here in Bletherad Bay. We’re welcome.
  • Having Xerx’ses resurrect Artorias doesn’t violate the agreement as long as Artorous doesn’t rejoin CrIsis.

We spent a lot of time here discussing possible courses of action. When we finished and left I discovered we spent 6 days in there. It is now the 11th of Kym-nark-mar. The Nameless Man and I wrote a letter to the Shield of Light expressing our surprise that they are here and informing them that we will be with them shortly. We spent the rest of this day traveling further north up the mountain in driving hail.

Entry #104

Today was the 12th of Kym-nark-mar. This morning we received a response from the Shield of Light. “We don’t know how we got here. One moment we were sailing. The next they we were arriving at the dock. We will await your return.” That was what their letter said. After that The Nameless Man conjured phantom horses for us to ride. With their aid we managed to finish the climb today. We reached Haladriel’s cave. We cautiously entered. Torrun took the lead as if he had been previously told how to navigate the caves. Once inside though Ursus asked to lead and Torrun acquiesced.

I don’t understand why Torrun took the lead so forcefully just to give it up to Ursus. I must have muttered that out loud. Torrun responded to me. “I just found a way and then let CrIsis do what they will. I’m just here to help.” I did not respond. I am saddened that Torrun still feels this way. Why does he continue to believe he is not really one of us? What have we done to push him away so? Is he so used to being the center of attention that our failure to worship him as a Prince has driven him away from us?

Haladriel managed to sneak up on us while we were still looking for him. He took one look at The Nameless Man and said that he could fix him. Haladriel definitely seemed a few trees short of a forest. Grignak offered him maps of the Crystal Kingdom and Palace as thanks for the help he gave Malkin. Torrun simply said “Thank you.” Both of them were teleported outside without a second thought. Merkl started performing a juggling act as a way of saying thank you. He tossed the balls to me and I began juggling them with telekinesis. I said thank you to Haladriel and both Merkl and I were teleported out as well.

Ursus and The Nameless Man are still inside. We will wait for them. It shouldn’t be long.

Entry #105

…begun to wonder if the paths of “Convergence” and “Refinement” are mutually exclusive. Must only one path be followed? Can the two co-exist? I believe in Refinement but I do not wish to alienate the Tri-Arcanum and their belief in Convergence…

Entry #106

…wonder if the guild’s focus on Convergence for all those centuries is why magical energies can affect psionic energies and vice versa? The Emirin once told me that the psychic and the magical were separate once. That one did not affect the other. Except of course for…

Entry #108

…maybe I don’t need to understand Torrun. His attitude isn’t my problem. Why can’t I just accept that he doesn’t like any of us and leave it alone? Does it bother me because it reminds me so much of Indaris? Oh Great Apis, what should I do?

Still no sign of Ursus or The Nameless Man. I’m starting to get really worried.

Entry #110

Today was the 18th of Kym-nark-mar. The Nameless Man returned to us. He was dirty but also smiling. He didn’t know anything about Ursus. We will continue to wait.

Entry #111

Yesterday was the 19th of Kym-nark-mar. Ursus was returned to us. Once we were all together The Nameless Man summoned phantom horses to bring us back down the mountain. We arrived today on the 20th of Kym-nark-mar. Ursus visited his children and Ansa. Then he and The Nameless Man talked with Malkin about how to celebrate the Festival of Khonsu. Malkin gave them some suggestions and they left to gather provisions. They will hold it at a temple in a farmer’s field some miles away. We were all invited.

For his help Torrun approached Malkin and knelt down in front of him. Torrun then kissed Malkin’s feet. “Stop it, stop it.” That was what Malkin said to Torrun. In retaliation Torrun snapped his hand to force Malkin back. Angrily he spoke to Malkin. “Nothing stops me from being able to afford you the same grace you gave a God. I have been asking many questions for other people, not for me, and neither will be this one. How is Ley-Rhy?” That was what Torrun asked of Malkin.

Malkin told Torrun that Leh-Rhy went with the Legion of Northmoor into the Land of the Damned. He sought to discover if what Lictalon preaches is true – that the barriers which hold Hades and Dyval away are breaking. Malkin was sad as he said this. The Land of the Damned was a land no-one should ever venture to. He has no way to contact Leh-Rhy either since nothing can pass into there. That includes magical pigeons and eagles. Malkinn hopes they will make it back. They are good friends of his.

Entry #112

Today was the 21st of Kym-nark-mar. Today we celebrated the Festival of Khonsu by dressing up as bears and helping out on farms. I joined in to support my friends. The Nameless Man blessed small gardens where he could find them. Ursus preached to the Monster Races about Khonsu. I passed out some of the fliers I had left over to those who wished one.

Entry #113

Today was the 22nd of Kym-nark-mar. We decided to travel south. Each of us will board the board secretly. I elected to teleport straight into my room on the ship. I was quiet and stayed in the room until the ship had disembarked. Once I came out of my cabin I ran into The Nameless Man. He asked me for my help in a dangerous mission. I readily agreed. I would not let him go to face this danger alone.

Entry #115

Today was the 24th of Kym-nark-mar. Artorias lives!

Note: These are a select excerpts from Silent Dream’s second journal. They were written in Elven between the on the 28th of Thoth and the 24th of Kym-nark-mar, in the seventy-second year of the Great Wolfen Empire and the first year of the return of the Elven Kingdom.

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  • My favorites are the short little introspective entries!

  • “Haladriel definitely seemed a few trees short of a forest.” Well, that’s one way to describe that Crazy as(s) Fuck Wizard…

    Aren’t they soooo cuuuttee, careful they bite…

  • Dream has a lot of complicated thoughts and feelings. He uses his journal not just to chronicle his travels but to also sort out the things which weigh on his mind.

  • Dream and Torrun have equally complicated views of the other. Both seem to disagree with the other’s world view. It’s adorable.

    • In Dream’s case I think it’s more of a lack of understanding than a disgreement. Unless he understands correctly – in that case yes, he does disagree lol.

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