Unruly Children Should Clean Their Messes


Greetings from the Ruler of Nimro in Exile, yes, I said exile. Now that the pleasantries are out of the way, let’s get down to business…

You fools, what were you thinking!? How could you believe that you had right to judge a king, my father, for acting in the best interest of his people. You judged him, unrighteously, and you murdered him in cold blood.

True, I know that it was that Nameless piece of trash that you allow follow you around like a stray dog. And he should be whipped like a stray dog for his part in this mess, after which you should all be imprisoned for allowing it to happen.

What mess, you ask?

Demons have been allowed to immigrate to Nimro. They have been given a permanent place on our plane, and Modeus himself has been known to make an appearance or two. It would seem that the King of Hades may be making a play to expand his control to Palladium as well as Hades.

If you hadn’t removed my father, then my brother would never have been able to invite the demons to my home.

Now, I am sure you are saying, ‘What does this have to do with us? Why do we care if Demons destroy Nimro?”

Let me spell this out for you in a way that your tiny minds can comprehend: Each day, soldiers in my Free Army of Nimro defect to the enemy and grow the infernal ranks. Long before we meet on the field of battle I will likely be outnumbered five to one. It will be a slaughter.

When I fail, the demons will overrun Nimro. Once they build their beachhead, they will flow to the rest of Palladium, starting with Timro.

So, make your decision: Stay away, putting out your fires, following your petty quest, or come back to Nimro and fix the problem that you created.

Hel Sundersdotter,
Crown Princess of Nimro,
CrIsis Hater.


Image from WoW TCG


14 Responses to “Unruly Children Should Clean Their Messes

  • This post was created by me of my own free will and choice. Victor had nothing to do with this, other than saying to go ahead and post it. Hope you all like it >8)

  • You know, usually people who ask for our help are a little nicer to us when they ask.

    • I don’t think she IS asking for help. She’s telling us this is all our fault and that if we ignore it there will be Hell to pay 🙂

    • Normally I would argue – I picked up what I felt were hints of desperation within the letter. But who am I to argue with the writer? 😉

      • I’m not specifically stating in my reply that she is not desperate. I think, however, that she is more pissed than desperate if that makes sense 🙂

  • Hell and Hel to pay- this is awesome, and far crueler than I would have created- well done!

  • I’ve read it and it is indeed a well crafted log. The picture is attention grabbing and makes you want to read why this is involved with the plot. The grammar is good and flows well carrying the reader through the narrative. On a technical read this is very well done.

  • Cool log, I thought she might of been a bit harsher but at least she is still willing to talk.

  • This seems in character like a trap turned into a propaganda piece.
    Sis: hey bro, can you summon some demons to get rid of political rivals?
    Bro: sure, but why?
    Sis: well to kill our enemies in a very public way. Next, make you out as a megalomaniac to CrIsis. Then you have them again stuff close to Timiro. Finally, when they come to save their shorties. We trap and kill them.
    Bro: hey you want shortie fries with that awesome shake of a plan?

    • Well, this is in Victor’s hands now, since I created it as is, but I could see that point of view 🙂

      That being said…it’s still demons in Nimro. Regardless of who is behind their summoning, Demons are a big bad thing to unleash in the world.

  • URSUS: “Ya know, gettin a liddle sick & Frackin tired of all theses wanna-frackin-be Rulers BLAMIN CrIsis for all dere 2 bit problems. SACK UP and take care o’ ya’lls shit.”

    • Grignak: Ah, but, we did kill her father and create a power vacuum into which Modeus seems to have stepped…incidentally the same Modeus who has the skull of Osiris, allegedly.

      • URSUS: “Good, now the Skull is closer to being in our hands…allergically…Wait…what does allergically mean again?”

    • All OoC:
      They killed Hannah, their ‘effing problem. If we go there it will be to access Hades. Our GM made them appear to be without redemption. Because we did not interact with them accept to make our version of Sherman’s March across the south. They have not helped anyone we know of. They are threatening Xerx’ses people (Timiro and the free peoples of Baalgor) which only reinforces the point No Name made. Hel Sundersdotter is doing nothing to change this viewpoint, and considering Xerx’ses has also died at the hands of giants once. However, there are a number of safer ways into Hades than having to go about it in this fashion. If the Giants want to be considered among the nations of the world then step up and deal with your problem. Or succumb to the base nature that your people crave power and will suck up to evil to get it. At this point it makes you no better than the evil minotaurs of the world and ripe for extinction/extermination.

      Let them burn to atone or fall

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