Great, now others are buying into his BS.

30th of Mesa, Year 2 of the Rebirth.

A lone Kankoran approaches two Coyle. They are strapping loads of weapons and armor on themselves, preparing for something. The Kankoran stops in front of them, just quizzically staring.

One of the Coyle notices the Kankoran and stops mid-strapping.

“What the HELL are you staring at, you DOG!”

“I was just wondering what I have done to piss off All-Father and our Great General, to be stuck with you two bumbling Kayot’s”

The Coyle quickly angers and tries to strike the Kankoran, but his Brother stops him.

“WE don’t have time for this, SPEAK your mind DOG!”

“Where we are going and what we are doing, speed and silence are the only things that will save us from becoming like many of our Brothers before us. Your heavy weapons and armor will not save you, only give more fodder to the enemy

“YOU better be telling truth, if we die, I will follow your soul through the afterlife to find you and make it HELL!”

“I have been there and back more times than you two could ever count. I KNOW what it takes, but in his Wisdom, the General feels You need to go along with me.”

With that the two Coyle dress down and put on muted clothing, armor and light weapons. The three take off at utmost speed to complete their mission.

1st of Uk Sak

After many close calls and hiding in many piles of unbelievable filth and gore, the three arrive near their mission target. They begin to approach as quietly as possible, when the target turns and stares directly at them and begins to approach as quiet as any field mouse, unbelievable for one of his immense size.

Once he is close enough they reveal themselves, the massive beast is not surprised, as though he knew or saw them all along. The Kankoran holds a single claw up to his mouth indicating silence is needed, the beast mimics his move. It is difficult to tell if he is just aping his moves or showing compliance or understanding. The Kankoran hands over the message. The Beast takes it and stares quizzically at the paper, for a length of time that is unnerving to the three, as they are very exposed ‘just standing there’. The Beast all of a sudden shows intelligence in his eyes and has a look of delight on his face, followed by a look of discomfort. He motions the three to follow, they comply.

As the three are about to return to their posting and Commander, the Beast stops them.

“Wait, I have a return message for Uncle Tinor.”

The Kankoran turns toward him, trying to decipher the words, the Beast is speaking Wolfen, but it is an unknown dialect he has not heard since he was very young.

“Good Master Ursus, just to be clear, You would like me to take a return message? To the general?”

“Listen here, Beast. We only take orders from the General, not some wanna-be-hero.”

“Bite your cheek Lycan or end up like Folwin

“Look at the little dog, he thinks he can take on the bear. Kool, I want some else to play with. Hey doggy, wanna be my new friend?”

The Coyle is taken back by the display…speechless. The Kankoran holds up his paw to halt them all.

“Master Ursus, I shall take your message, as the General did say that you may have a response, which would be urgent.”

The Beast hands over a ragged piece of parchment with sloppy and smeared writing on it.

“May KHONSU Bless you travelers on your perilous journey”

The Kankoran excepts it as though it was the greatest treasure in the world, tucking it away in a safe place.

NOTE: This message was hurriedly written by Ursus and is heavily smeared with ink, dirt and strange unknown substances.


While My Smarts are not near yours or Ansas, I do take lessons smells. Forthere I responds viaduct the means you repels.

Thirsts: I swear by KHONSU, that Fancy Pants shall be destroyed, or I will not return, as I will be dead?

Seconds: Whoops…My Bad…Hope the enemy didn’t find you…I guess they didn’t as you wrote me and I am reapplying…

Terds: As a member of CrIsis, I am pervy to secret squirrel stuff that most are not. I process that I will not mention them again…damn I just did didn’t I

Fjords: Cancelled… again…sorry!? Oh wait…I need to apocolyptica to the Dukeness. I wiles later.


Epsilon’th: You our hear-bye invites to Official ritual bonding of Ansa & Ursus. As her only male Family, that I know off, it is retired, bye tragedys, that yous leads her to her Fates





Hand written response letter delivered to General Tinor by his returning scouts.


After taking quite some time to decipher and read the message, General Tinor turns to his soldiers.

“Loyal Soldiers of the Empire, you have done well and shall be commended and promoted”

“General, with great respect, why did we have to deal with that vile Beast?”

“Listen carefully DOG, That Beast, if he survives, will be family very soon. You all know how protective I am of my Family. Now leave my sight before I change my mind and put you all on endless latrine duty.”

Coyle picture from The Brood
Kankoran picture from Zillabean


  • Wow this is a lot of fun. The creativity is awesome.

    • I was looking for a way to have it as a non-pigeon log, but still have the “voice” and personality of Ursus present. It may be a vision, it may be a re-counting by the scouts…who knows?

      Plus, it seems everything went exactly as written, you know you see it. With another face-palm from Tinor as he receives the HAND-WRITTEN message and tries to read it.

  • I now see the vast difference between when Ursus has time to write carefully versus when he writes hurriedly. This really makes me appreciate the legibility of those more carefully written letters.

    • What would have helped is if he remembered to use his magic quill…

    • Man, you ain’t kidding around! B-)

  • Poor General Tinor, I say….

    • Yes..That poor General Tinor, used to everyone obeying his ever whim, now he has to deal with an oafish beast

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