Good luck with that.

25th of Mik Na, 2nd year of the Rebirth

Brudder Malkin,



First, my apologist for the mood of your protectorate; I maid her a promise to be fully open and honest about every aspect of our lives together. Somehow she has twisted my words so much in her mind that she is no longer speaking to me and I doubt she would receive any correspondence from me.



I am asking that you speak with her on my behave, only if you fill you can do so without losing any body parts. I half already reached out to her Uncle to try and sooth my Beautiful Beast, but He may not half been as receptive as you to my request.



I don’t really know what to say to Her, other than My pragma for her nose know bound, to the point that without her I have gone very crazy. In fact I recently acted in a manner unbecoming a member of CrIsis and First Worshiper of Khonsu, acting more like those vial lycans that profess to be like us and destroyed our good nature. They could never be like us, they are diseased filth…



I digest, please try and explain to her what is going on, as long as you fill safe. One other thing; is there something else bothering my Gorgeous Animal? While her behavior is not entirely blizzard, as love often is with our kind, I feel there is something else a-rye with her. I don’t know.



May Khonsu bless and protect you on your journeys, good traveler.



Malkin & Ansa pictures drawn by AZ_RUNE
Khonsu symbol & Paw print are from open sources.

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